Jacqueline Ades, VIDEO of woman who sent 65K texts to man after one date, wanted to ‘bathe in his blood’

Jacqueline Ades was shocked to hear that she’d sent the man she’d stalked, threatened, and harassed for months 65,000 text messages. She thought the number would be much higher. “Love is an excessive thing,” the 31-year-old told reporters at a press conference Friday about her arrest after a long, escalating campaign to harass a man who she shared only one date with after meeting on a dating app.

“I felt that I had met my soulmate and everything was just the way it was,” an unhinged looking Ades says in a video interview published by The Washington Post. “And I thought that we would just do whatever everybody else did and we would just get married and everything would be fine.”

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Ades was living in Florida when she decided to go on a road trip to find love last year. Her psychic told her she was going to meet a “healing angel” and she thought she had found this in a man she met on an online app. They met up in Arizona, where he lives, for one date. After that one date Ades has not stopped trying to contact him, sending up 500 messages a day.

He blocked her on What’s App, so she moved to Arizona. Last summer he called the cops when she showed up at his property. The police asked her to leave, but the incident only ignited Ades intensity. She began sending threatening messages to the unnamed man. In December she showed up at his property again, but was gone by the time police arrived.

The onslaught of messages did not stop and grew more and more disturbing. She told him that she wanted to “bathe in his blood” and compared herself to Hitler. She wrote she would kill him if he “left” her. April 8th the man was away on business when he saw Ades in his residence through his security cameras. She helped herself to a bath. When police arrived they found a butcher knife in her car, a particularly ominous sign considering Ades’ text saying she wished to bath in the man’s blood.

In her Friday jailhouse interview, Ades was asked by a reporter if she was a “crazy” person. She denied this. They then asked who she is, to which she replied “I am the person that discovered love.”

She said she never intended to hurt the man she obsessed over. “No. Oh my god no. I love him so much,” she said when asked if she meant him har. “I just want to love him so much, that’s it. And if he doesn’t like it, then I will go home and love my ex-boyfriend. What am I supposed to do?”

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