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HOUSE OF HORROR How did Jordan Turpin get a phone to call 911?

At 5:49 AM on January 14, 2018 17-year-old Jordan Turpin took a chance that saved the lives of herself and her 12 siblings. She had never really seen the outside world, but she knew she had to try in order to save everyone from the horrific misery they were enduring at the hands of their parents. Jordan grabbed her brother’s old cellphone and snuck out a window of their house. Once she felt she’d made a safe enough distance, she struggled to call 911 with shaking hands.

TRUE CRIME Did Marni Yang kill her boyfriend’s pregnant girlfriend Rhoni Reuter?

In 2007, 42-year-old pregnant Rhoni Reuter, who was the girlfriend of former Chicago Bears player Shaun Gayle, was found dead on her kitchen floor. Because there was no forced entry, police started looking at those close to her, including boyfriend Shaun. Divorced mother-of-three Marni Yang was convicted of murdering Rhoni and her unborn daughter Skyler in 2011. Now, ten years later, Marni Yang’s attorney is fighting to free his client on the grounds that forensics evidence on the body does not support that Marni is the murderer.

20/20 “Evil in Eden” The story of Yosemite serial killer Cary Stayner

Cary Stayner experienced a huge amount of trauma and loss in his life before he became a serial killer at Yosemite State Park in 1999. The tragic events of his life do not excuse his behavior, but they served as formative experiences that potentially shaped his frame of mind.

Cary was only 11-years-old when his 7-year-old brother Steven was kidnapped by a pedophile. Steven returned to the family seven years after that, forever changed. He was heralded as a hero for saving another young boy from a similar experience, and then suddenly died in a traffic accident at age 24. The year after Steven’s death, Cary’s uncle, who he was living with at the time, and who had allegedly molested him, was murdered.

20/20 “Evil in Eden” The kidnapping and escape of Steven Stayner

On December 4, 1972, 7-year-old Steven Stayner was walking home from school in Merced, California when he was abducted by two men who worked at Yosemite Lodge. After over seven years of abuse Stayner was able to escape and also rescue a new victim: 5-year-old Timothy White. In 1999, Steven’s older brother Cary became a serial killer and who murdered four women while working at the Cedar Lodge motel in El Portal, California, near Yosemite Park.