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Was Elvis arrested for dancing? (Movie versus reality)

In the Baz Luhrmann biopic Elvis, the “King of Rock-N-Roll” gets himself handcuffed for gyrating his hips during a performance. He doesn’t get arrested, but the threat of arrest for dancing provocatively leads him to strike a deal to cut his hair and join the military for a few years to rehab his image. Did all of this really happen the way it was depicted in the film?


VIDEO Karine Staehle with Pierre, plus alleged Paul Staehle bite mark uploaded June 6

Watch videos of Karine Staehle with son Pierre Staehle uploaded to Instagram on June 6. That was just two days before Pierre was officially reported missing and Ethan was taken into CPS custody. The videos include a bite mark on Karine that was allegedly caused by Paul and a disturbing clip of Pierre bawling while shut in a tiny room.


Why Taylor Armstrong joined Real Housewives while she was a victim of domestic violence

During the first night of Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls’ Trip season 2, Brandi Glanville and Taylor Armstrong sat down for a heart-to-heart after years of estrangement because of what went down on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. During their discussion, Taylor opened up to Brandi about why she chose to film her life for reality television while she was undergoing abuse at the hands of her late husband Russell Armstrong.

Did Elvis really call out and fire Colonel Tom Parker on stage in Las Vegas?

Baz Luhrmann’s telling of the Elvis Presley story in the feature film Elvis is also the story of his manager Colonel Tom Parker, played with creepy menace by Tom Hanks. During a pivotal scene towards the end, Elvis (Austin Butler,) confronts Colonel Tom Parker about hiding his past, having massive debts, and keeping Elvis in a “gilded cage” in Las Vegas because he was an illegal immigrant who couldn’t leave the country with Elvis. Did this jaw-dropping event happen in real life?

90 DAY FIANCE Paul and Karine’s son Pierre missing, reportedly with Paul

The oldest son of 90 Day Fiance couple Karine and Paul Staehle has been reported missing. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Pierre was last seen on June 8 and “may be in the company of his father, Paul Staehle.” Keep reading for everything we know, including a Cameo video from last week that includes Paul with Pierre in a hotel room.

90 DAY FIANCE Shaeeda is Bilal’s 3rd wife, 2nd wife Shahidah talks divorce in book & lecture

As we previously reported, 90 Day Fiance star Bilal Hazziez was married (and divorced) twice before meeting his fiancée Shaeeda Sween. Keep reading to see the license from his first marriage to a woman named Ameerah. Plus, Bilal’s second wife Shahida talks about their marriage and divorce as part of a lecture promoting her book, The After Effects of Hajj: The Journey Begins Now.