TEEN MOM Ryan Edwards says wife Mackenzie cheated, ‘divorce is the right thing’

Teen Mom Maci's ex Ryan Edwards accuses Mackenzie Edwards of cheating on him, threatens divorce

Teen Mom fans woke up to some very unexpected drama this morning as OG dad Ryan Edwards took to Instagram to blast his wife Mackenzie Edwards and accuse her of cheating on him!

The first sign that things might be amiss between the two was a post by Ryan just after midnight. He shared a “Cheater & Cheating Quotes” graphic in his Instagram feed that reads: “I trusted you but now your words mean nothing to me, because your actions spoke the truth.”

Ryan penned his own caption. “Your regret is coming…” he wrote. “The good lord showed me what I need but not what I wanted.”

Roughly seven hours later, Ryan returned to Instagram, but this time he shared his thoughts via Mackenzie’s account.

On a photo of the couple shared by Mackenzie last July, Ryan wrote this comment:

Take wife down off this I’m not proud of being married to someone that stays out in bars and goes home with others guys….tomorrow can’t get here fast enough! Don you know what happens when u lay with dogs?….wait look at who I’m talking to. And then blaming it on my addiction yea divorce is the right thing

I think Ryan starts by suggesting Mackenzie remove “wife” from her Instagram bio, which currently reads “momma, wife, friend.” He is clearly under the impression that Mackenzie went home with another man after a night out at a bar. At the time he wrote the comment, Ryan clearly intended on speaking with a divorce attorney on Monday.

Mackenzie has yet to respond publicly. At the time of this post, her photo and Ryan’s comment are still up:


UPDATE – Ryan’s comment and his post have since been deleted. Mackenzie seemed to offer up a response with a quote posted in her stories on January 31. “I used to wanna protect my name in situations, now I just wanna protect my peace,” the post reads. “I let whoever think WHATEVER.”

Ryan’s post on his account was the first in his actual feed since 2018. However, he has been sharing posts in his stories. Late last week he shared a Bible quote that seemed to foreshadow the storm to come:

A nagging wife is as annoying as the constant dripping on a rainy day.

Ryan Edwards cheating allegations

This isn’t the first time that alleged infidelity has threatened Mackenzie and Ryan’s holy matrimony. There were reliable reports back in 2017 that Ryan had moved out of the house and planned to file for divorce after he was caught looking for hook ups on dating apps.

Here’s how we recapped that drama at the time:

In case you missed it, all of the recent Ryanzie drama comes after Ryan was caught going on a Tinder bender in which he solicited sex (and sent dicktures) to at least one young lady he met via the dating app. That Tinder conversation, plus the text message and scrotographs that came later, were published online.

Ryan’s elicit conversations were soon followed by Mackenzie’s text messages with Ryan’s Tinder trap queen in which Mankenzie lays a guilt trip on the young lady before seemingly offering to pay her to keep quiet.

That was five-and-a-half years ago. Since that squabble, Ryan has been arrested multiple times, spent time in extended rehab, threatened to shoot Maci’s husband Taylor (resulting in a protective order), was caught on Tinder again, and fathered two children with Mackenzie.

On a positive note, Teen Mom: Family Reunion counselor Dr Cheyenne Bryant did an interview with The Sun recently, and she had encouraging things to say about Ryan.

“Ryan showed up in a way that people have never seen him show up,” Dr. B said of her sessions with Ryan, Maci and their families. “It just was so beautiful to see Ryan in the space where he was really wanting this relationship with Bentley and not having the tools to do so, and extremely open to succeeding. You know, ‘How do I do it? I want it so bad.'”

It sounds like Dr. B now needs to have a sit down with Mackenzie and Ryan.

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