UNEXPECTED Lexus Scheller’s mom Kelsey pregnant with twins, ex Shayden welcomes baby boy

TLC Unexpected Lexus Scheller's mom Kelsey Scheller pregnant with twins

Former Unexpected mom Lexus Scheller is going to be a big sister! Two times over!

Lexus’s mom, Kelsey Scheller, shared the news on Instagram this week that she is currently pregnant with twins after a very difficult struggle with infertility.

“This has been a long, hard journey,” Kelsey began her Instagram announcement posted on Saturday. “Dealing with infertility is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through.” Kelsey revealed that her battle to have another child lasted a decade and included three ectopic pregnancies and the loss of her fallopian tubes in 2019.

“I never thought I’d be able to experience being a mother again,” Kelsey continued. “IVF was my only choice, and we started the journey September 2022.”

Less than four months later, Kelsey got the news — with a bonus surprise. “Today it still doesn’t feel real that I’m going to be a mom again to my TWO rainbow babies!!!!”

Kelsey revealed that her due date for her twins is in August. “My life is finally complete. I am so blessed. 🥹🫶🏼”

Here’s Kelsey’s announcement, which includes a slide show documenting her journey so far:

On the same day as her pregnancy announcement, Kelsey shared a gender reveal video:

IT’S BOYS! “Can’t wait to meet my baby brothers,” Lexus commented on the gender reveal post, adding this string of emoji: 🥺✨❤️❤️❤️❤️.

Shayden Massey welcomes a baby boy

Lexus isn’t the only member of her family excited about little brothers! Lexus’ ex, and father of her daughter Scarlett, Shayden Massey just welcomed a baby boy!

Shayden Jewl Macabe Massey II arrived on February 2. Here’s the birth announcement from his mom, Kaylan Bryant, which includes photos of both Shaydens:

Here’s a photo posted by Shayden, followed by his caption:

There is no greater mission in life than to create life. Our mission is far from over after creation. Now comes the love, sculpting, shaping, and development of the life created. No amount of time is to be wasted on this precious journey. I have a mission and that is to mold this fine baby boy into an Honest, Respectful, Hopeful, Loving, and Determined Young/Grown Man.

I believe this is at least Shayden’s third child. Keeping track became a bit difficult during the period in which Shayden reportedly got a young lady pregnant that wasn’t his girlfriend back in 2020.

In case you missed it, Lexus Scheller welcomed her second child more than a year ago. Scralett’s little sister Amethyst was born in September of 2021. Lexus has stated that she will not be sharing photos or videos of Amethyst on social media until she is older and able to make that decision for herself.

Lexus has stood by her commitment to keeping Amethyst off of social media for the most part, but there are occasional glimpses:

CONGRATULATIONS to Kelsey, Shayden and Lexus on their growing families! I’ve included Instagram posts from all three, so hop over and give them a follow if you want to keep up to date!

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