Kourtney Kardashian collaborates with Travis Barker’s CBD-infused Barker Wellness

Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker has created an innovative skin care line that is both vegan and infused with CBD.

After a successful launch, wife Kourtney Kardashian-Barker has added her own products to the collection, with a Kourtney x Barker Wellness collaboration.

Barker Wellness

According to the website, Travis Barker founded Barker Wellness because he was worried about his health.

We are a vegan wellness company focused on empowering you to live each day at your best. Our founder, Travis Barker, understands the toll that a busy lifestyle can take on your health. His demanding schedule as a professional musician led him to examine every aspect of his health.

Focusing on all natural products, his original line contains products like moisturizers, cleansers and face serums. Over its evolution, the brand has expanded to include organic gummies, tinctures and other edible products.

All Barker Wellness Co. products contain high quality Broad Spectrum CBD (Cannabidiol.)

Kourtney x Barker Wellness

It wasn’t long before Barker’s wife Kourtney Kardashian collaborated with the wellness brand. Sharing its mission of high quality vegan healthcare products, the Poosh founder has brought some fun products of her own to the typically male-focused skin care line.

Kourtney’s collab includes luxury bath products like magnesium bath flakes, along with body butter and body oil.

Starring in the Kourtney x Barker Wellness campaign herself, Kardashian-Barker seems happy to promote a wellness line with such an amazing mission. Looking sultry in some bathtub and lingere shots… we are already sold.

When Blink-182 goes on tour this summer, it’s safe to say Travis Barker will be lubing up with Barker Wellness moisturizer between sets. Or at the very least, popping a gummy.

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