SISTER WIVES Christine Brown is in a serious relationship: “He’s a dream come true!”

Christine Brown

Yesterday Sister Wives’s Christine Brown posted an exciting Instagram story!

Christine was eager to share with her viewers that she’s now dating someone exclusively after casually dating for a while.

“He’s wonderful and romantic and so kind and everything I’ve been looking for,” Christine gushed about her new man.

He’s even met Truely, and Christine says that he’s “incredible” with her.

“He’s absolutely a dream come true!” Christine says. She can’t wait to share pictures of him with the public, but for now she’s keeping him to herself.

Having someone all to herself is something foreign to Christine, and she must be cherishing it. This is the first time she’s dated someone who wasn’t also romantically involved with someone else.

She followed up this bombshell news about her love life with some stories promoting a product called Luuvvy, which are jewelry with pictures inside. Thankfully, Luuvvy isn’t an MLM.

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