90 DAY FIANCE Angela, Big Ed, Kalani, Jovi filming in Florida Keys?

90 Day Fiance filming in Florida keys with Angela Big Ed Liz Jovi Yara and more

90 Day Fiance producers continue to embrace the notion of bringing back cast members that viewers love to hate! And not only are they bringing them back, they’re bringing them together!

According to multiple sources, a camera crew and several familiar cast members have been spotted filming at a resort in the Florida Keys. The “multiple sources” include a few Tripadvisor reviews of Isla Bella Resort, the location of filming.

Here’s an excerpt from user Christa’s review posted on Wednesday:

…The only downside was there was filming for 90 Day Fiancé during our stay which we were not made aware of by the resort prior to booking. There were crews everywhere and at first was fine but became a bit annoying. For example, we were going to play a game hosted by the resort by the bar at night but was cancelled because they were filming.

Another excerpt from Renee H:

…There was also a television show being filmed at the resort during our stay, which we found to be an inconvenience and disruptive of our vacation. Guests booking during this window should have received prior warning/adjusted prices.

“The hotel itself is lovely, but don’t come here expecting peace and quiet,” user Matt R wrote last week. “The hotel is overrun with TV productions and weddings.” More from the 1/5 negative review:

We were shuffled from one part of the hotel to another to accommodate a reality TV show production which we weren’t warned about. The bar, hotel and the adults’ pool was shut down during this time unless you consented to appear. And the production crew was filming children and their families at one of the remaining pools without warning them or asking permission.

Matt R’s review was accompanied by multiple photos of the film crew, as well as one photo that looks to be Edward “Big Ed” Brown sitting at a bar with a woman:

90 Day Fiance Isla Bella Resort filming
Filming for 90 Day Fiance spin-off in Florida Keys
90 Day Fiance filming in Florida resort 2023
90 Day Fiance Big Ed filming spin-off in Florida Keys?

UPDATE – We can now confirm that Big Ed and Liz were present. Here’s a photo of them taken by Angela Deem at Isla Bella Resort and posted by real estate agent Karolina Cruz:

90 Day Fiance Angela Deem Big Ed and Liz filming in Florida

In addition to those photos, more images have surfaced online that appear to show Angela Deem, Elizabeth “Liz” Woods, Yara Zaya, and Kalani Faagata:

90 Day Fiance Agela Deem and Elizabeth Liz Woods filming in Florida 2023
90 Day Fiance Florida filming with Yara and Kalani?

UPDATE – @mac.and.chisme on Instagram discovered that Kalani’s dad, Low Faagata, left a review for Isla Bella Resort just two days ago.

There is speculation that the man in the hat and tank top may be Jovi. The image is too blurry for me to include his name in the list above. I did include Yara’s name because the woman in green looks A LOT like her, and Yara and Jovi definitely appear to be at the Isla Bella resort.

The couple shared an Instagram reel in a hotel room with the same, very distinct carpeting as the rooms at the Isla Bella Resort:

Jovi and Yara filming 90 Day Fiance spin-off in Florida

Yara also shared a couple photos that look to have been taken in front of one of the resort’s buildings:

What are the 90 Day Fiance cast filming in Florida?

There was initially speculation that the cast and crew were all in attendance for a cast member’s wedding. However, it was later revealed that those rumors were likely based on the resort reviews that mention a wedding(s), even though the wedding and the filming weren’t necessarily connected.

I found a couple social media posts tagging Isla Bella Resort over the past couple weeks that mention weddings — none of which were tied to 90 Day Fiance.

Now the most common theory is the cast members are filming some sort of couples therapy retreat show — very similar to WE tv’s Marriage Boot Camp. That is purely speculation though.

My only question is: Where are Darcey and Stacey?! Or Libby’s family and Andrrrrei?! If producers truly believe we’re not tired of seeing Angela and Big Ed, then surely they wouldn’t miss yet another reason to film those 90 Day stalwarts, right? Heck, I’m surprised Chantel and Pedro wouldn’t fake a reconciliation attempt for a free vacation — and I wouldn’t blame them! 😂

The 90 Day Fiance cast members may not be the only thing familiar to reality television fans. Isla Bella Resort has been featured on multiple reality shows, including Jersey Shore: Family Vacation and Married At First Sight. MAFS fans will likely recall the resort as the honeymoon destination that Myrla compared to a retirement community.

So… Would you tune in for Marriage Boot Camp: 90 Day Fiance Edition? Would you tune in given the cast members photographed above? To me, it just seems like this concept would essentially be a full season of a Happily Ever After Tell All with a beach in the background — and not in a good way.

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