90 DAY FIANCE Shaeeda suffered a miscarriage

Shaeeda and Bilal miscarriage

One of the major issues 90 Day Fiancé‘s Shaeeda Sween and Bilal Hazziez have had in their marriage is over the issue of starting a family. The couple struggled with deciding when to start a family, and then also faced fertility issues. Now, it looks like Shaeeda has sadly suffered a miscarriage.

It should be noted that Shaeeda has never announced a pregnancy. She did, however, heavily imply that she has suffered a miscarriage in a recent Instagram comment.

Shaeeda 90 day miscarriage

For the past few months 90 Day fans have speculated that Shaeeda may be expecting because she’s been wearing more loose-fitting clothes and staying away from her usual yoga content on social media.

Two days ago Shaeeda posted an Instagram Reel of herself looking fabulous wearing a colorful outfit. When a user commented “I was looking haaaard for a bump,” Shaeeda made a sad reply, “I lost the bump” followed by a broken-heart emoji.

Bilal has two children from his previous marriage, but Shaeeda has no children and is worried that time will run out for her as she approaches 40 years old.

After appearing on Season 9 of 90 Day Fiancé, Bilal and Shaeeda immediately started filming for the spinoff Happily Ever After which documented their early days of marriage and their disagreements over when to start a family.

During Happily Ever After Shaeeda saw a fertility doctor who gave her the news that her egg reserve was low for her age, which meant that time was of the essence in getting pregnant.

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