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The Kardashians are totally buying themselves an island for Christmas this year

We’re only a couple of weeks removed from Kim Kardashian’s tone-deaf 40th birthday party on a private island. But Khloe Kardashian just gave us every reason to believe the family is set to one-up themselves on the decadence scale. It seems we should expect Kardashian Christmas Island 2020 for the holidays this year — yes, that’s right, the family is going to treat itself to its very own deserted island COVID-free getaway.

Corey Gamble and Kris Jenner are through unless she ponies up more money, new reports allege

Corey Gamble and Kris Jenner have allegedly been engaged in a high-stakes, behind-the-scenes battle over money for weeks–and it looks like things might have come to a breaking point. According to several new reports, the pair are as close to a breakup as they've ever been, and their finances might be the primary disagreement: Corey apparently some more of the Kardashian money that Kris has worked so hard to earn!

Kris Jenner denies selling out her family for money, paying Corey Gamble to date her

Among the more recent Kris Jenner rumors are one that's new to the Momager's ears, and one that she's been hearing for a long time. In a new and high-profile interview Kris addressed the question of whether she feels she sold the Kardashian family's soul for riches and reality TV fame. At the same time, a separate dispatch raised the notion that Kris Jenner is with current boyfriend Corey Gamble only because she's paying him to stay.

Kris Jenner rumors: Obesity claims, Corey Gamble breakup, ‘cringeworthy’ Kim

The latest round of Kris Jenner rumors is flying fast and furious–and, if recent speculation is true, that's just the way the Kardashian matriarch likes it. The newest Kris Jenner rumors involve the 60-year-old gaining 70-plus pounds in just a few weeks, which is part of the reason her relationship with 35-year-old boy toy Corey Gamble is said to be on the rocks at best. And, as if that weren't enough, Kris herself opened up a can full of drama with daughter Kim Kardashian regarding what Kris called an endless barrage of "cringeworthy" photoshoots. Read on!

Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble finished? Kardashian matriarch reportedly done with boy toy, all about authentic furs

The latest Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble update lends creedence to the old saying "Kris Jenner never met a controversy she didn't like." The legendary Momager has been fighting two fronts for the past couple of days: one that says the sexagenarian and her 35-year-old alleged fiancé Corey Gamble are all but broken up, and another that's seen the internet outraged over Kris' flaunting of a fur coat.

Did Kris Jenner force Corey Gamble to have plastic surgery? New report makes shocking claims

Most of the biggest Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble rumors of the past year involved the October-June couple's alleged engagement, but the latest reports have gone slightly more bananas than that. According to the most up-to-date Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble stories, the infamous Momager has set her sights on improving Corey's general coercing him into a series of cosmetic surgeries.

Corey Gamble bought Kris Jenner an engagement ring with her own money

The "Kris Jenner engaged" question got more interesting, recently, following reports that boyfriend Corey Gamble bought Kris a ring...with her own money. There's still no official word from the pair on whether or not "Kris Jenner engaged" is a thing, but, if inside sources are to be believed, we might get notice soon....Read on for the latest!

Kris Jenner pregnant? Kardashian matriarch drops pregnancy bombshell

Is Kris Jenner pregnant? It turns out that that could very well be a possibility, thanks to revelatory comments recently made by the 60-year-old Kardashian family matriarch. Jenner has reportedly been in marriage negotiations with boyfriend Corey Gamble, 35–but, according to the latest Kris Jenner update, she and Gamble might have skipped over that step entirely!

Is Kris Jenner engaged to boyfriend Corey Gamble? New ring speculation sparks gossip

Is Kris Jenner engaged to her long-time boyfriend Corey Gamble? The answer is very much yes, according to the latest reports, which have speculated regarding Kris' mysterious new engagement-looking ring for weeks. This time, though, something is different....Read on to find out why things may be getting real for the couple!