LOVE DURING LOCKUP Jessica’s bf Dustin arrested for domestic assault, multiple other charges EXCLUSIVE

Love During Lockup Jessica's boyfriend Dustin arrested again

Love During Lockup star Jessica will likely need to find a good tattoo cover-up artist because her prison bae Dustin Phillips is back behind bars on some VERY serious charges — including domestic assault.

Dustin was booked in Franklin County, Tennessee on Wednesday, February 8. His charges are currently listed as reckless endangerment, theft of property, felony evading, domestic assault, and reckless driving.

We don’t have details on the allegations against Dustin yet, but it is fairly easy to piece together a narrative based on the charges. Dustin was likely involved in a domestic dispute that included an assault. It’s unclear who the alleged victim(s) is.

Dustin was driving and attempted to evade police, likely in a vehicle that wasn’t his. The theft charge is a felony due to the property stolen being valued between $10,000 and $60,000, which makes the stolen vehicle idea likely.

Dustin is still in custody with a $20,000 bond listed for each charge. It’s unclear from Franklin County Jail records if Dustin’s total bond is $20,000 or $100,000.

Jessica and Dustin updates since the show

Dustin was released from prison on December 14, 2022. Jessica shared a photo on January 7 in which it appears that she and Dustin had purchased a house in Tennessee.

On January 16, Jessica boasted about getting another tattoo in honor of Dustin on her wrist. Viewers will recall that she already had a HUGE tattoo of Dustin’s last name on her abdomen.

The post about Jessica’s new tattoo was followed five days later by a photo of Dustin’s new ink, which was a face tattoo of Jessica’s name:

Love During Lockup Dustin's Jessica face tattoo

As of January 21, when Jessica shared the photo of Dustin’s new face tattoo, it seemed all was still well with the couple. A very confident Jessica continued to insist that she and Dustin were headed for a happily ever after with a string of hash tags that included #helovesme, #mylove, #forever, #happiness, #purelove, #youlovewhoyoulove, #happiness, #rideordie, and #hatersgonnahate.

Over the past week and a half, however, Jessica has been hinting at a split on social media by sharing numerous motivational quotes and text graphics in her Instagram stories. Here’s just one example:

Jessica from Love During Lockup on Instagram

If Jessica shares any additional information or statements after this article is published, we will be sure to update!

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