James Duggar gets pilot license, visits pub, despite John David’s near-fatal crash

James Duggar is proving to be the latest Duggar “wild child.”

While his sister Jinger Vuolo spills all the family secrets in her new memoir, James has been ‘becoming free‘ in his own ways.

While pursing his journey to freedom, the Duggar son recently obtained his pilot license.. which comes as a surprise to fans as his older brother John David was in a near-fatal plane crash.

Is James Duggar a pilot?

James Duggar, 21, officially obtained his student pilot license in August 2022. This will allow him to fly a private plane but not carry any passengers.

Later that month he posted photos with a helicopter, implying he was completing the training for that license, as well.

From James Duggar on Instagram

James isn’t the only Duggar with a pilots license. Jeremiah, Josiah, brother-in-law Austin Forsyth, and sister-in-law Katey all have their licenses, in addition to John David and his wife Abbie.

John David’s plane crash

On October 29, 2021, John David Duggar had a near-fatal plane crash in his Piper PA-30.

Spokesperson for the Wavery, Tennessee Sheriff’s Department said:

A family from Arkansas ran out of fuel and landed in a field.

While no injuries were suffered, this was still an extremely scary moment for John David. The plane suffered a ton of damage, and he had called 911 from the plane.

Rebel Duggars

Despite his older brothers brush with death while piloting a plane, James Duggar still wanted to get in on the action. Getting his pilots license is just one of the ways the reality star has been “spreading his wings.”

Duggar has also been travelling the world, including visiting the liberal state of California for his friend Lawson Bates wedding.

Most recently it’s been reported that James Duggar is in Rome, Italy. Duggar has been posting to his Instagram story and tagging the country.


During his European vacation he also snapped himself at a London pub, a huge no-no in the Duggar family due to not wanting to be seen promoting alcohol or being a patron in a bar.

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