Joy-Anna Forsyth ignores Duggar family’s rules, wears pants entire pregnancy

Joy-Anna Forsyth doesn’t give a sh*t about the rules!

The 19 Kids and Counting star is throwing out her family’s strict modesty standards during her fourth pregnancy, opting for comfortable pants to support her growing baby bump.

Joy-Anna Forsyth pregnancy

This is Joy-Anna’s fourth pregnancy and will be her third child. Fans may remember the heartbreaking story of her still birth in 2019, which resulted in her losing daughter Annabell Elise.

While the Duggar daughter has worn pants here and there in the past, it looks like she is fully embracing the style as her current pregnancy advances.

In a recent Instagram photo announcing Forsyth is 21 weeks along, the reality star poses in rolled up blue jeans.

Joy-Anna Forsyth wears pants

The Counting On alum doesn’t just wear jeans… it looks like the star also enjoys camo pants?

In her latest post, Forsyth explains that she’s wearing “whatever” will fit her “growing bump.” This appears to be snow gear with some trousers that might belong to her husband Austin.

Is the caption a signal to her famous brood that she no longer cares about her standards?

It’s possible, seeing as how rebel sister Jinger Duggar-Vuolo commented “So cute!! ❤️” on one of Forsyth’s pants photos, seeming to signal her encouragement.

Setting new standards

In what we think is the cutest example of her new found freedom, Joy-Anna shocks as she poses with her two children. Notably, they are ALL wearing pants!

Yes, it appears the Forsyth’s are letting their young daughter “break the rules,” as well.

This is pretty impressive, considering Austin Forsyth comes from “The World’s Strictest Parents.” It looks like this is one rule they have agreed on breaking together.

We couldn’t be happier that Joy-Anna is doing things her own way. Maybe she’ll be the next Duggar to release a scathing tell-all?

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