UNEXPECTED McKayla Adkins selling wedding dress for $80, is she still with husband Ethan?

Unexpected mom McKayla Adkins wedding dress for sale

Former Unexpected star McKayla Adkins is cleaning out her closet and offering some of her clothes on Poshmark — including her wedding dress!

Unexpected viewers may not be familiar with the dress McKayla wore on her special day for a couple reasons. The first reason is that she never actually married her long-time partner (and father of her first two children), Caelan Morrison.

The second reason that Unexpected fans may not be familiar with McKayla’s wedding dress is because the ceremony happened after McKayla left the show, and she only posted a few photos on social media.

McKayla married Ethan Tenney in a small ceremony in a vacant lot next to her grandparents’ house in Salem, Ohio on May 22, 2021. McKayla wore a very simple and elegant mustard-colored maxi slip dress to say “I do.”

Earlier this week, McKayla revealed on Instagram that she would be offering some of her clothes on Poshmark. The 22-year-old mother of three followed through by listing nearly two dozen items including jeans, shorts, shirts, and — of course — her wedding dress.

McKayla doesn’t market the item as a wedding dress, but she did include a wedding photo wearing it in the listing:

McKayla Adkins wedding dress for sale on Poshmark

At the time of this post, the XS “beautiful silk dress” is still available for just $80! If you’re curious to know more about the dress (McKayla doesn’t provide much information), I believe this is the same dress on the Express Style Trial website:

Unexpected mom McKayla Adkins' wedding dress from Express

Are McKayla Adkins and husband Ethan Tenney still together?

Prior to offering up her wedding dress for sale, there were rumors swirling online McKayla and her husband, Ethan, may have split up. There are no photos on Ethan on McKayla’s Instagram page dating all the way back to July of 2020. In addition to no photos, there doesn’t appear to be ANY reference to Ethan at all!

McKayla has “quit” social media numerous times, and she has also stated numerous times that she would not be featuring those close to her on her social media accounts. Here’s an excerpt from McKayla’s social media departure statement in June of 2021:

Social media used to be enjoyable, I could spend a while on here & actually enjoy it but anymore people are disrespectful, demanding, hateful, and it’s no longer a space to share my thoughts and pictures I just f***ing like. I can’t say anything without it being questioned or doubted, I can’t post anything without judgement. It’s horrible.

However, McKayla always seems to return to social media. She has been fairly diligent about not posting photos of her children over the past couple years, but she would still post photos of Ethan on occasion. That all seemed to change a number of months ago.

Not only has McKayla’ not posted any photos of Ethan (and potentially even deleted some that she had posted), but there is no mention of him or reference to him at all.

McKayla even posted a photo of her youngest child recently — albeit with his face hidden behind an emoji:

Unexpected a photo of McKayla Adkins' youngest son

I checked court records in the two counties I know McKayla has resided in over the past few years and there is no record of a divorce filing. That doesn’t mean they are still together, but it does seem unlikely that one of them has filed for divorce.

I assume they are still together and Ethan has just taken another step further back from social media. If that’s the case, then kudos to him!

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