Bering Sea Gold star faces 10 charges related to illegal deer hunting

Bering Sea Gold star Scott Meisterheim is in HUGE trouble with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

The 55-year-old was arraigned in the 8th District Court for 10 different counts related to illegal deer hunting.

Bering Sea Gold

Bering Sea Gold is currently in its 15th season on the Discovery Channel and Discovery+.

From the creators of the Emmy-winning “Deadliest Catch,” IMDb describes Bering Sea Gold as following “gold dredges and their eccentric and driven crews who risk their lives to find as much gold as possible before winter sets in and it’s too dangerous to dive.”

One member of the “eccentric crew” is Scott Meisterheim, who was on the series from 2012-2014.

Meisterheim has been in the news since he started on reality television. As Starcasm reported in 2012, it appears the captain suffers from an “idiot problem.”

Does Bering Sea Gold’s Scott Meisterheim suffer from an “idiot problem” or is he just angry?

Reality star participates in illegal deer hunting

The Bering Sea Gold star should have stuck to diving, because as it turns out, he’s gotten himself into some major trouble on land.

DNR evidence photo showing Scott Meisterheim with a deer he killed in 2021.

Meisterheim is facing 10 counts of poaching, broken down as follows:

  • three counts of transporting/possessing untagged antlered white-tailed deer
  • two counts of breaking the limit of white-tailed deer
  • two counts of using another person’s hunting license
  • two counts of hunting white-tailed deer without a license
  • one count of taking a white-tailed deer outside of lawful hunting hours.

When asked by the courts why he did it, the former reality personality reportedly declared he’s addicted to venison.

Meisterheim in trouble

Investigators claim he was using illegal bait, and is also accused of hunting on several properties across Kalamazoo and Van Buren Counties without the permission of the land owners.

It looks like Scott Meisterheim can’t catch a break. The Bering Sea Gold captain is currently serving 18 months of probation for an unrelated domestic violence conviction.

He is scheduled for a trial by jury on the poaching charges Feb. 15 in Kalamazoo.

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