SISTER WIVES Does Christine Brown have a boyfriend? Is she dating again?

When Christine Brown left Kody Brown in 2021, she said she was open to dating and wanted to find love, but was focusing on herself. Now, she has officially announced that she is dating again online.

In a jubilant Instagram post shared Sunday (1.29.23) Christine shared that she was dating again and asked her followers for advice.

“Don’t settle and don’t ignore the red flags!” one commenter advised, while another made a cheeky Sister Wives reference: “Run away if they think love should be multiplied not divided.”

Mostly, Christine’s supporters want her to recognize her worth and avoid being used or abused.

Back in October 2022, Christine shared during an interview with US Weekly that she was casually dating, but only limited her dates to one or two per person.

This latest announcement makes it seem like she’s getting a little more serious with her romantic pursuits.

Christine, who is now 50, hasn’t dated since she experienced a lackluster courtship with Kody Brown when she was 19-years-old. She has never been in a monogamous relationship, so this experience is new for her.

Kody has since admitted that he married Christine because her grandfather was the head of their church and that he wasn’t attracted to her when he married her.

Back in 2012, he wrote in their book Becoming Sister Wives, (affiliate link) that he almost didn’t get involved with her because he was so grossed out by her eating nachos on a road trip.

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