SISTER WIVES Meri Brown meets with Janelle’s oldest sons as abuse allegations swirl

Recently several children from the Sister Wives‘s Brown family have spoken out about possible emotional and physical abuse from Meri Brown while they were growing up.

Paedon insinuated that Meri was abusive towards the children in a way that was “far past verbal.”

Gwen Brown has stated that she saw Meri be physically violent towards Mykelti once.

Mykelti herself does not remember any physical abuse from Meri, but came out about suffering from emotional and verbal abuse from Meri. Because of this, Mykelti has chosen to not allow Meri in her life.

Meri had not yet addressed these allegations and insinuations from the children, but has instead has gone about her business as usual online.

Yesterday (February 1, 2023,) however, Meri posted a photo with Janelle’s oldest sons Logan and Hunter, who both live in Las Vegas, NV.

“When in Vegas, it just makes sense to find a couple of good looking guys to spend a few hours with! 😁” Meri captioned the photo of the three of them smiling. “So good catching up with these two, and proud of the good men they’ve become!”

This Instagram post doesn’t address the elephant in the room, but it sends an obvious message from Meri that she is still on good terms with at least two adult children from the family.

With 18 children and five adults in a family, the experience of each child will be different, sometimes vastly different. Even with a smaller family, the subjective individual experience of each child can vary wildly.

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