TEEN MOM Ryan Edwards posts photo of ‘spineless s*ut’ wife Mackenzie?

Teen Mom dad Ryan Edwards trashes wife Mackenzie Edwards on Instagram again?

Teen Mom OG dad Ryan Edwards has returned to Instagram with yet another nasty post that appears to be about his wife, Mackenzie Edwards.

Ryan posted a photo of a woman wearing a leather jacket and no shirt. The woman’s face is mostly cropped off, but the lips and jawline can be seen and do look like Mackenzie. The woman in the photo is also wearing a ring that matches Mackenzie’s:

Teen Mom OG Mackenzie Edwards wedding ring

“If you guys have never seen a spineless s|ut this is one,” Ryan captioned the image. “They take your money sleep with anything that looks at them.”

Ryan’s next sentence could be a bit confusing. “But they must have a wife to,” he wrote. I assume this means the other man whom the “spineless s|ut” is sleeping with must be married.

“God what a joke. It’s sad really,” he concluded.

Here’s Ryan’s post without the caption. I assume it will be deleted within the next 24 hours:

Ryan’s pre-Valentine’s Day message comes just 11 days after another series of Instagram posts seemingly accusing Mackenzie of cheating.

“I’m not proud of being married to someone that stays out in bars and goes home with others guys,” Ryan wrote in a comment left on one of Mackenzie’s photos. “And then blaming it on my addiction yea divorce is the right thing,” he added.

Ryan later recounted his statement when he spoke with The Sun US. “I was wrong. She isn’t that kind of person,” he said. Ryan described his marriage with Mackenzie as “a work in progress.”

UPDATE – Mackenzie Edwards has updated her Instagram profile in the past couple hours:

Teen Mom Mackenzie Edwards Instagram changed

You will notice that she has removed “wife” from her bio and she’s deleted 18 posts.

UPDATE – Ryan added another story to his Instagram. It’s a photo of what appears to be a Bible that has an inscription from Mackenzie to Ryan:

Teen Mom Ryan Edwards Mackenzie Bible quote calling her a dumpster

In addition to the text added via Instagram, Ryan (I assume) also wrote the following under Mackenzie’s inscription: “No thank you for walking out on what is now my family.” And here is Ryan’s new Instagram bio:

You ever had your trash can just smell so bad it makes you sick yea that was my life for the last 7 years. I well anything or nothing is better then u

Ryan Edwards cheating allegations

This isn’t the first time that alleged infidelity has threatened Mackenzie and Ryan’s holy matrimony. There were reliable reports back in 2017 that Ryan had moved out of the house and planned to file for divorce after he was caught looking for hook ups on dating apps.

Here’s how we recapped that drama at the time:

In case you missed it, all of the recent Ryanzie drama comes after Ryan was caught going on a Tinder bender in which he solicited sex (and sent dicktures) to at least one young lady he met via the dating app. That Tinder conversation, plus the text message and scrotographs that came later, were published online.

Ryan’s elicit conversations were soon followed by Mackenzie’s text messages with Ryan’s Tinder trap queen in which Mankenzie lays a guilt trip on the young lady before seemingly offering to pay her to keep quiet.

That was five-and-a-half years ago. Since that squabble, Ryan has been arrested multiple times, spent time in extended rehab, threatened to shoot Maci’s husband Taylor (resulting in a protective order), was caught on Tinder again, and fathered two children with Mackenzie.

On a positive note, Teen Mom: Family Reunion counselor Dr Cheyenne Bryant did an interview with The Sun recently, and she had encouraging things to say about Ryan.

“Ryan showed up in a way that people have never seen him show up,” Dr. B said of her sessions with Ryan, Maci and their families. “It just was so beautiful to see Ryan in the space where he was really wanting this relationship with Bentley and not having the tools to do so, and extremely open to succeeding. You know, ‘How do I do it? I want it so bad.'”

It sounds like Dr. B now needs to have a sit down with Mackenzie and Ryan.

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