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TEEN MOM Ryan Edwards had personal connections to multiple judges in his cases?

During his sentencing last week, Teen Mom dad Ryan Edwards was called “a very fine young man” and “not a bad person” by the judge. It was later revealed that Ryan and the judge’s daughter have been friends since high school. And this wasn’t the first case where Ryan had close personal connections to a judge in one of his criminal cases!

TEEN MOM Ryan Edwards overdosed while driving prior to arrest, MTV was paying for his rehab in TX REPORTS

Teen Mom OG dad Ryan Edwards is back behind bars in Tennessee, despite the fact that he is supposed to be in court-mandated (and MTV-funded) rehab in Texas. Ryan was arrested Friday after police reportedly found him “unconscious and unresponsive” in the driver’s seat of his truck “with the vehicle running and in drive.”

Ryan is facing new charges of driving under the influence and possession of a controlled substance. In addition, his prior charges of harassment and possession of a controlled substance have been reopened.

TEEN MOM Ryan Edwards blasts ‘dumb f***ers,’ says people like him and Mackenzie will fix the country

Aside from Tinder, Teen Mom OG dad Ryan Edwards has been keeping a pretty low profile on social media over the past few years. However, some negative comments on a recent post by his wife, Mackenzie Edwards, elicited a VERY irate response from Ryan. After calling his critics “dumb f***ers” and “whiny a** b*tches” who have our country in a “pathetic state,” Ryan adds that it is “ppl like me [and] my wife…that has to fix it. Keep reading for Ryan’s full comment.