SISTER WIVES Is this Christine Brown’s new man?

A few days ago Christine Brown set the Sister Wives fandom ablaze when she announced that she was in a serious relationship.

This is after previously announcing that she was only casually dating.

She gushed about her new man and said that he’d already met Truely. According to Christine, he’s a “dream come true.”

However, she wanted to keep him just for herself for a little while. The Internet was ready to track him down, though, and Reddit has identified him as construction business owner David Woolley. He’s a widower and also has a large family. He’s the father of eight children.

The Sun says they have a source confirming that David is Christine’s boyfriend, but beyond that there’s no real confirmation.

It should be said that this identification could be wrong.

If David IS Christine’s boyfriend, he sounds like a great guy.

UPDATE: Christine has confirmed that she is dating David Woolley, calling him the “love of my life.”

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