BELOW DECK Is Captain Sandy being too hard on Fraser? Full drama recap, including social media!

Below Deck Captain Sandy says chief stew Fraser Olender never takes accountability

The tensions are running high on Below Deck Season 10 as Captain Sandra Yawn’s patience is wearing thin with her chief stew, Fraser Olender. The drama is not only playing out on screen, it has also spilled out onto social media!

We will start with a brief recap of what happened with Fraser during the most recent episode. Fraser is the first to admit that he has an issue trying to be friends with those that work under him, and Captain Sandy has picked up on that trait in her limited time aboard M/Y St. David since replacing Captain Lee Rosbach.

“Often times Chief stews want to be friends with everyone,” Sandy explains in a confessional this week. “Fraser works in circles trying to carry the interior because he doesn’t know how to tell them how to do their jobs. That’s his problem. That’s become my problem that’s affecting the guests.”

During a tip meeting, Captain Sandy commends bosun Ross McHarg for the job he’s done working with deckhand Tony Duarte. “I want to see that from you,” Sandy tells Fraser. “Turn your people around. It’s not about making friends, it’s about doing your job and earning that respect. Put the pressure on your team. I want progress.”

Fraser admits during a confessional that he is mentally and physically exhausted “because I know if I want something done correct I have to do it myself, and I really do feel like I’m pushing myself to my limit.” Fraser expresses his concern that he’s not getting a fair shake from Sandy. “I feel like she doesn’t appreciate the work I’ve done so far.”

Chef Rachel Hargrove is on the same page as Captain Sandy in regards to Fraser. “Sandy’s comments — I actually agree with her,” Rachel says in a confessional, “but I’m concerned how Fraser feels attacked. He DOES NOT take criticism or observation well.” Rachel’s sympathy yields to her trademark knack for saying it like it is. “He’s acting like a little god**m* baby.”

Rachel also speaks with Fraser directly. “Don’t let things throw you off,” she encourages him. “[Captain Sandy] does want the best for everybody, that’s all.”

More of Rachel’s thoughts on Frasier’s struggles:

I’ve seen a lot of chief stews when they’re new to the game burn themselves out. One, you’re going to tire yourself out. And two, your attention truly needs to be directly with the guests. It’s just because they don’t trust or know how to manage their team properly and delegate tasks properly. It’s an all around clusterf***.

As the crew prepares for a beach bonfire for the charter guests, Frasier expresses his frustration to Rachel about having to go help with the set up himself. She asks why he feels like he has to go, and he says that it’s because he doesn’t trust anyone else to do a good job. His answer seems to support the criticism offered by Rachel and Captain Sandy in regards to delegation.

Later in the episode, Captain Sandy and Fraser clash again. The boat has to dock early due to wind conditions, and Fraser recommends to the charter guests that they pack up their suitcases early so they could enjoy their last bit of time on the boat.

A short time later, Captain Sandy sees the luggage being taken off the boat and she is concerned that the guests are being made to feel rushed.

Fraser meets with Captain Sandy and says the guests aren’t being rushed off the boat and he explains his rationale for suggesting they pack up their luggage early. Sandy seems tolerant of the explanation while speaking with Frasier, but she is a bit less so during her confessional.

“Fraser always has an excuse for everything,” Captain Sandy tells the camera. “He NEVER takes accountability for anything. I don’t care how you spin packing the luggage, you’re pushing them off the boat.”

In another scene towards the end of the episode, stew Alissa Humber can be heard on the radio asking for someone from the deck crew to take out the interior trash. Soon after, Captain Sandy sees Fraser and two stews standing together near the pantry. Captain Sandy suggests there is work to do — such as the trash that they asked the deck crew to help with.

Things get a bit heated as Fraser tries to explain why they were all there, and Sandy nips it in the bud by saying “now is not the time” repeatedly.

Fraser leaves. “Pure rage,” he says. “I’ve never been in a fight and said it’s not the time to speak to me. I’ve never felt so sickened by a captain in my entire life. I’m in actual shock.”

Alissa seems to be on Fraser’s side as she shares a quote about Captain Sandy that will certainly go down in Below Deck history. “She definitely favors the deck crew,” Alissa tells Tyler. “She f***ing sucks deck crew d**k.”

Fraser versus Captain Sandy on social media

Fraser’s issues with Captain Sandy spilled over onto social media over the past week as the chief stew interacted with show fans.

“Maybe I’m taking things too personally but I really think Captain Sandy might hate @FraserOlender,” wrote @hmrtime on Saturday.

“No you’re spot on, wait until next episode,” Fraser replied, adding the 👀 emoji.

Here are some more interactions with Fraser on Twitter:

TWEET: @FraserOlender might have been given the worst set of circumstances to date. Alissa and Camille on crew and Sandy at the wheel. Nobody could have done a better job, and I think he did a remarkable job keeping his cool.
FRASER: For my first season as chief, I sure was dealt a rough pack 😅

TWEET: Sending love to @FraserOlender Tonight was tough to watch🥺
FRASER: Never nice being plotted against

Below Deck chief stew Fraser Olender tweets about captain Sandy and chef Rachel

FRASER: Never easy taking “constructive criticism” from someone who isn’t kind to you – you can’t help but wonder whether it’s genuine guidance or designed to break you

So far, Captain Sandy hasn’t addressed the on-screen issues with Fraser on social media. The same can’t be said for Sandy’s former Below Deck Med chief stew, Hannah Ferrier!

Are you curious whether or not Captain Sandy is going to fire Fraser this season? Is the replacement crew member with chief stew experience featured in the new preview trailer going to be Fraser’s replacement in the interior? < ***SPOILER ALERT*** a href=””>CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT! Oh, and if you’re curious about the new stew, you can CLICK HERE TO MEET HER.

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