Annjeannette Whaley now: My 600 Lb Life star looking tremendous in new photos, confirms Where Are They Now update

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We’ve got a terrific update on My 600 Lb Life star Annjeannette Whaley now, including exclusive details on her upcoming Where Are They Now? episode. Annjeannette, whose history, backstory, and current relationship status made her one of the most talked-about members of the Season 7 cast, recently offered a surprise confirmation that she’s been working on a follow-up. Only this time, it looks like things in her life may have finally calmed down.

How is My 600 Lb Life star Annjeannette Whaley now?

The short version of a long story is Annjeannette Whaley now is doing better than My 600 Lb Life viewers have ever seen her. She’s working hard at her weight loss, and the major drama in Annjeannette’s life appears to be her relationship with Erica — though not for the reasons you might expect.

Early on in her episode, Annjeannette Whaley’s history appeared to suggest a very different outcome. The 30-year-old San Diego native began her journey at a peak weight of 679 pounds. Her height of five feet, one inch meant she had a BMI of 120. And Annjeannette’s addiction to eating stemmed from being raised by a mother who was addicted to drugs and a father who dealt them.

“When I’m eating I don’t feel all the pain of my life,” Annjeannette explained. “To eat something I’ve been craving is like little pieces of heaven.” Annjeannette, whose childhood was further marred by her mother’s death from a heroin overdose, also called her sister and food “my two best friends.”

Annjeannette’s episode also depicted the lengths to which she went to hide her eating habits from her girlfriend. The couple fought several times, ultimately breaking up after Annjeannette had undergone successful weight loss surgery. Though, at the time, Annjeannette Whaley now dropped an impressive 274 pounds, it looked like the emotional damage from her broken relationship might not be fixed so easily.

What’s the Annjeannette Whaley weight loss? Is she still working with Dr. Now?

She hasn’t shared exact numbers, but we know that the Annjeannette Whaley weight loss has been influenced by her continued efforts with Dr. Nowzaradan. Annjeannette stayed in Houston after her first year of filming for My 600 Lb Life was complete. And, generally speaking, the cast members who continue to live in close proximity to Dr. Now also continue to do well on their weight loss journeys. (Though that’s hardly a scientific fact, as the woman with the biggest weight loss in My 600 Lb Life history will tell you.)

The Annjeannette Whaley weight loss has been further helped along by her reconciliation with Erica. Earlier this year, we reported that the two had managed to work things out, and were once again happily in love. Erica celebrated her and Annjeannette’s three-year anniversary with a love letter that read in part, “I love you mamita and just want to grow old with u always by my side.” She and Annjeannette also shared loving photos of the two of them together.

It was a touching tribute — but also bittersweet, since Erica remains back in San Diego while Annjeannette is in Houston.

The latest photos of Annjeannette Whaley now are a true tease for her next episode (on which more in a moment). Annjeannette is a pretty strict adherent to the rule laid down by Megalomedia, My 600 Lb Life‘s production company, regarding photos in social media posts. All of her recent photos are from the neck up — but even those make her weight loss success clear. (Annjeannette did appear in one full-body photo this past spring, alongside her fellow Season 7 cast members Destinee Lashaee, Maja Radanovic, and Lacey Hodder; click here to see that pic.)

For starters, here’s the first of two photos Annjeannette shared in late October, shortly before Halloween:

Annjeannette Whaley now 1

In the other, Annjeannette appears to be even more pensive. “Not Where i Wanna Be,” she captioned the shot, “But Definitely Not Where i Use to Be”:

Annjeannette Whaley now October 26

An update a couple of weeks later offered even more good news on the Annjeannette Whaley weight loss. “Everyday i start to look different,” Annjeannette wrote in early November. “Everyday i notice something new like OMG i have Elbows lol who knew ?? i swear its the little things! All thanks to God because without him none of this would have been Possible❤?☝”

And here’s the most recent photo of Annjeannette Whaley now. Shared on December 3, Annjeannette captioned this one “What a wonderful World this Could be,” and added, among several hashtags, “#not600lbsanymore”:

Annjeannette Whaley now December 3

Since her Annjeannette Whaley 2019 debut, has she been filming for 2020?

Fortunately, fans of the Annjeannette Whaley 2019 My 600 Lb Life episode are in for a treat. Annjeannette recently confirmed that both she and Erica have indeed been filming a Where Are They Now? follow-up. But the episode’s actual airdate remains a mystery.

The biggest bit of Annjeannette Whaley 2019 news came, innouously enough, in an exchange with a fan. In response to a woman who offered her well wishes to Annjeannette and Erica, the My 600 Lb Life star wrote, “Follow our Journey it’s gonna be great❤.” Annjeannette also added, “Not sure when it airs but we are filming so its definitely coming up!”

Devotées of the show will recall that Where Are They Now? episodes don’t always air immediately after filming. For example, Season 6 star Karina Garcia has apparently been done filming her follow-up for some time, though it didn’t air this past winter as she’d been led to believe it would. Still, if the upcoming crop of new episodes follows the usual production model, it looks like we’ll be getting a proper update on Annjeannette Whaley 2019 by sometime in early 2020.

Until then, you can reach out to Annjeannette through her official Facebook page. And you can revisit her My 600 Lb Life debut episode here, via TLC.

(Photo credits: Annjeannette Whaley now via TLC, Facebook)

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