PHOTOS Anna Duggar’s sixth baby born five months to the day before Josh’s jury trial

Anna Duggar's sixth baby 2

The Duggar family has one new member, along with a reminder of its most infamous member’s ongoing legal battles. Anna Duggar’s sixth baby, daughter Maryella Hope, was born yesterday morning, or exactly five months before the start of Josh Duggar’s jury trial for fraud. For some reason, the Duggars didn’t mention the latter connection in their announcement of Maryella’s birth, focusing instead on the baby’s good health and the overall joy of the occasion.

As we reported a couple of months ago, April 27, 2020 is the scheduled start date for Josh’s legal defense against a charge of real estate fraud. Carl Echols is suing Josh for quiet title of the land on which Josh’s now-closed used car lot sits; Echols claims that Josh and his business partners bought Echols’ land under knowingly false pretenses from a cousin of Echols who had no legal authority to sell it in the first place. (Click here if you’d rather read about a convoluted legal mess than look at baby pictures.)

And, by unlucky coincidence, November 27, 2019 was the birthdate of Maryella Hope, Anna Duggar’s sixth baby, which the family confirmed in a statement late last night. “On Thanksgiving eve our hearts are overflowing with joy and gratefulness for the arrival of our sixth child,” they told Us Weekly, who first reported the news. “Maryella Hope arrived this morning at 9:12am. 8 pounds and 2 ounces, 20 inches long. Anna had a fast labor and delivery without complications. We are so thankful for a beautiful, healthy baby girl!”

Though Anna and Josh have yet to confirm, their new baby’s name is believed to be a tribute to Mary Lester Duggar, Josh’s grandmother, who died earlier this year after accidentally drowning in her home pool. Maryella also continues the couple’s streak of giving their children M names. In descending order of age, their first five children are Mackynzie, 9, Michael, 8, Marcus, 6, Meredith, 3, and Mason, 2.

But one thing the family *did* offer is more baby pictures. Here’s another look at Josh and Anna Duggar’s sixth baby together:

Maryella’s birth also marks a break in the news cycle for the Duggars, who’ve only been in headlines for controversies of late. Hopefully by the time Maryella turns five months old we’ll know more about exactly why federal agents raided Josh’s buusiness earlier this month. And if nothing else, Anna’s safe delivery of a healthy baby means there won’t be any gossip about whether or not she’s secretly pregnant again for at least a couple of weeks.

(Photo credits: Anna Duggar’s sixth baby via Facebook)

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