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Tila Tequila has lost it, is essentially Westboro Baptist Church in a 5-foot Asian woman’s body

Former reality star and MySpace maven Tila Tequila is no stranger to trolling for headlines, as evidenced by her pro-Hitler posts and declarations that she is a inter-dimensional quantum-hopping angelic super soldier. But over the last six months, Tila's posts and videos on social media have gone beyond anything that could be conceived as trolling and have entered the realm of the hateful ramblings of someone who has completely lost her mind.

Tila Tequila calls Michelle Obama a ‘tranny,’ can now control birds, etc.

It has been a while since we checked in with Tila Tequila, so we popped over to her Facebook page this weekend where it is perfectly clear that little has changed with celebridom's biggest inter-dimensional quantum-hopping super troll as she calls First Lady Michelle Obama a "f***ing tranny" before revealing that she has learned to control birds with her arms.

Donald Trump playing card deck to feature Tila Tequila, Milo Yiannopoulos, and more

After Donald Trump accused Hillary Clinton of playing the "woman card," her website began selling decks of "woman cards" for $10 a pop. Not to be outdone, Trump supporters are countering with their own Kickstarter campaign for a deck of "Trump Playing Cards" that features The Don as all four kings. The remainder of the face cards and aces feature folks like "spiritual guru, model, actress, singer, writer, and television personality" Tila Tequila and Breitbart Tech Editor Milo Yiannopoulos. Keep reading for all the details, including how much it will cost you to get one!

PHOTOS Tila Tequila celebrates Adolph Hitler birthday, calls him ‘the love of mein life!’

Tila Tequila continues her trolling ways by celebrating Adolph Hitler's birthday by once again praising him and going so far as to call him "my love" and "the love of mein life." You may recall that Tila's previous public praise for Hitler got her kicked off of Celebrity Big Brother, and she later issued a lengthy apology for her prior comments and assuring everyone that she was out of her mind at the time and is now focused on being someone her daughter can be proud of. I guess she has completely changed her mind about that.

Tila Tequila after Brussels attack: ‘Earth is cleansing itself of the parasites’

The world's biggest celebritroll, Tila Tequila, is back at it again. In the wake of the horrific terrorist bombings in Brussels, a gleeful Tila took to Facebook to say that the recent "death, destruction, chaos, discord, and strife" is just "Earth is cleansing itself of the parasites." She went on to explain that there will soon be some sort of rapture–and added: "We can't take a lot of the foul spirits with us to heaven you know?"

Tila Tequila sort of apologizes for Big Ang comments, claims they were someone else’s fault

Tila Tequila has been working overtime this week! Just one day after her comments about deceased Mob Wives fan favorite Angela "Big Ang" Raiola earned her widespread ridicule and condemnation, the 34-year-old took to Facebook to apologize for her controversial letting an employee take the blame. Does Tila Tequila's explanation hold water? Read on to see what she said!

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