Warren Jeffs cursed New Orleans and then took credit for Hurricane Katrina destruction

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In a 2011 book about Warren Jeffs and the FLDS called Prophet’s Prey, (affiliate link, purchases made through this link benefits the website) the author reveals that Warren loved to travel the US to look for “sin” that he could condemn. He would bring an entourage of bodyguards and a few of his favorite wives to search out what he considered to be the worst pockets of human depravity.

During one such trip in 2005, the self-proclaimed lived it up in New Orleans and made it a point witness and “report” on the excess of Mardi Gras.

“After taking in some of the parades in the French Quarter and as many strip joints as he could cream into his two days on the town, the sanctimonious prophet raised his right arm to the square—as if swearing an oath in court—and prayed for the destruction of the entire city and its occupants,” Bower writes in Prophet’s Prey.

When Hurricane Katrina struck, Warren Jeffs took credit for the destruction that killed over 1500 people in Louisiana alone and left 850,000 houses damaged or decimated.

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