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Do unicorns really exist? The story of Lancelot, the Ringling Bros.’ Live Unicorn

This week's episode of Travel Channel show Mysteries at the Museum goes to the Ringling Bros. Circus museum in Sarasota, FL to explain the story of one of its most enchanting curios. In the 1980s, the Ringing Brothers Circus claimed they had a real, live unicorn. In 1984 star unicorn Lancelot and his “brothers” debuted at Madison Square Garden to the tune of “Rocky.” Of course, the world fell in love with Lancelot immediately -- but his existence raised a lot of questions.

HAUNTED LIVE Octagon Hall’s paranormal history, death list, and ghost hunt highlights

Haunted Live's debut episode highlighted one of the most curious and oft-investigated paranormal sites in the state of Kentucky, if not the entire south. Octagon Hall's extensive history (and its notorious death list) were too much for a single hour of already ghost hunt-packed television to cover, so we thought we'd hit a few of the highlights for your paranormal pleasure!

Is The Curse of Civil War Gold complete BS, or just really fun?

The Curse of Civil War Gold, like its History parent show Curse of Oak Island, is a treasure hunt based on an intriguing historical possibility: What if, in the waning days of the Civil War, Jefferson Davis fled the south with the entire Confederate treasury…and then lost it? Also like Oak Island, it’s open-ended enough to tease audiences for years to come!

History’s survival smash Alone has viewers wondering about accuracy

Is History's Alone real or fake? The show is an undisputed smash hit, and it's not hard to see why: it's probably the most ambitious survival reality show currently on the air. The show's premise is simple enough: take ten contestants, drop them in different spots on the same abandoned locale, and see how long they can stick it out before the isolation (or hunger, or disease, or ever-present danger) drives them mad. But is the show legit?

Is DB Cooper dead or alive? New History documentary looks to solve legendary mystery

Is DB Cooper dead or alive? How might DB Cooper have died? Is DB Cooper even real? Where is he now? And where is DB Cooper's money? One of the most infamous, brazen, and puzzling thefts in US history has baffled authorities for decades and given rise to a whole legion of amateur sleuths, all of whom think they have the answer to these and many other DB Cooper-related questions. Now, DB Cooper: Case Closed?, a brand-new History documentary, aims to crack the legendary case wide open, and finally solve its many mysteries.

Barbarians Rising cast and social media info

History is going all in this summer with Barbarians Rising, an eight-part docu-series that weaves together elements of traditional documentary narrative and bloodthirsty historical drama to create a brand-new tapestry. The show highlights a series of different tribes (and those tribes' charismatic leaders), which, over the course of hundreds of years, were able to wear away and eventually bring down the Roman Empire. Read on to find out all about the Barbarians Rising cast, and to get a preview of the show!

Is the treasure on Billion Dollar Wreck really worth that much?

How much is the Billion Dollar Wreck treasure really worth? That's the question History has boatloads of people asking, thanks to this week's premiere of new miniseries Billion Dollar Wreck. Assuming that Captain Martin Bayerle, son Grant, and the rest of the BDW crew do find the mysterious treasure of the RMS Republic, are Bayerle's careful calculations correct? Can the Billion Dollar Wreck treasure really be worth a billion dollars–or more?

Is Billion Dollar Wreck fake? Martin Bayerle haunted by money, murder charges

Is History's brand-new treasure hunt extravaganza Billion Dollar Wreck fake? The network is positioning its newest program as heir to the Curse of Oak Island throne, and part of the fun where shows like these are concerned is the extent to which the network has amped up the likelihood of its presenters striking it rich. To find out a whole lot more about the history of the RMS Republic; Martin Bayerle, his son Grant, and their family's tortured history; and the overall "Billion Dollar Wreck fake" question, read on!

How historically accurate is Vikings? A look at the facts behind the show

Is Vikings historically accurate? How historically accurate is Vikings?  The hugely popular History series is about to air its new season, and more folks are talking about it than ever before. The one question that seems to follow Vikings around like a curse, though, is also the simplest: is Vikings historically accurate? During the show's run, experts have given Vikings fairly high marks for getting a lot of little things right–though, of course, there are exceptions. To find out what's what, read on!