Toddler with no hands goes viral being best big brother ever


Camden, a 3-year-old from Texas who was born without hands or legs, has gone viral in an Instagram post showing him soothing his baby brother Jaxton with a pacifier.

Camden’s mom, Katie Whiddon, shared the video clip with the caption, “Camden might not have hands, but he doesn’t let that stop him from taking care of his siblings!” Whiddon explains in her blog Admirably Diverse that Camden was born with phocomelia syndrome and amelia. Phocomelia is a congenital disorder involving the malformation of limbs. Amelia is a birth defect in which a baby is born missing one or more limbs.

The post has been up less than a week and already has well over 60,000 views:

Katie told the Daily Mail, “Camden is always right there to give him his pacifier and wipe the spit up off of his mouth. This time Jaxton was crying and I said out loud to him that I was getting his pacifier. Then Camden said, ‘I got it Mommy!’ So I grabbed my phone and ran over there to capture the moment… This is an every day thing for us, but I thought our friends and family would like to see it.”

The proud mom-of-three added, “He’s awesome and can do so many things you’d never believe unless you’ve seen it with your own eyes. The comment I get most is, ‘I never knew how fast he can move!’ He might not have legs to get up and run, but that boy can roll and scoot super fast! Camden is a very independent child and doesn’t like for anyone to help him do things, but if he does seriously need help he will ask for help from me or his daddy. He otherwise is a healthy kid, and only has one annual appointment with a specialist. He saw an occupational therapist when he was younger, but has learned how to do everything mostly on his own.”

Way to go Camden!