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Geoffrey Owens got a job offer from Tyler Perry, how did he respond?

Actor Geoffrey Owens, who played Elvin Tibideaux for several years on <em>The Cosby Show</em>, has been in the spotlight lately after photos emerged of him working at a Trader Joes. The photos were initially presented in an unfavorable light, but soon many actors came to his defense because retail jobs like these are often necessary to survive in the entertainment industry. Many, many others came to Geoffrey's defense over the dignity of working a job. 


Find out how Geoffreey responded to a job offer from Tyler Perry. 

‘Iconic’ YouTuber Emilia Fart reveals what she looked like before she became Emilia Fart

YouTuber Emila Fart is known as much for her “iconic” over-the-top look as she is for her piercing wisdom. In today’s video, she shares some throwback photos of herself as a young girl -- and the difference in her appearance is striking. After showing images of herself as a teen and young adult, Emila explains that her current appearance -- including her green hair, over-the-lip Kylie kits, orange eyeshadow, boas, and “Judge Judy robes” -- is who she really is.