SCIENTOLOGY AND THE AFTERMATH Mike Rinder has advanced cancer

Leah Remini’s costar on her hit docuseries Scientology and the Aftermath Mike Rinder has announced that he has advanced stage cancer.

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Scientology and the Aftermath

Scientology and the Aftermath was a docuseries hosted by Leah Remini and Mike Rinder which had the mission of exposing the Church of Scientology, from which they had both excommunicated.

The “religion” is seen by many as a cult, and the celebrity hosts wanted to expose its dark truths.

The series ran for 3 seasons beginning in 2016 and shined a light on many shocking topics, including church-member Danny Masterson’s rape accusations, which he was just found guilty of and is about to be sentenced to prison for.

The documentary production was executive produced by both Remini and Rinder, who became good friends in the wake of them both leaving the church.

Mike Rinder

Michael John Rinder is an Australian-American former senior executive of the Church of Scientology International and the Sea Organization based in the United States.

He served on the Board of Directors since 1982 until his dramatic exit from Scientology in 2007.

Since leaving the church he has been outspoken about the lies and abuses experienced while he served. Partnering up with Leah Remini, the two are doing their best to be “whistleblowers” of the controversial organization.

Leah Remini announces Mike Rinder’s illness

Leah Remini took to Twitter yesterday to make the saddest announcement. Her friend and colleague has been diagnosed with advanced stage esophageal cancer.

Her post reads as follows:

My friends @MikeRinder and his wife Christie have shared some important and heartbreaking news. Mike has been diagnosed with advanced esophageal cancer. Mike is my rock. He was the one I called while I was still in Scientology, harboring doubts and concerns.

Mike was the first person to help me navigate my life outside Scientology every day. Mike was not only there for me every day but also there for my whole family. It was Mike who supported my decision to write a book, it was Mike who said yes to being my partner in the Aftermath series, and Mike did it all despite knowing what Scientology was going to do to destroy his life.

He could have gone toward a more peaceful life with much less stress. But he said yes to me and to exposing Scientology, knowing he would continue to be stalked, harassed, and abused by Scientology. Mike has been by my side for it all, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I couldn’t have done this without him, nor would I want to.

I’m not the only one Mike has been a rock for. He’s been there for many whistleblowers and survivors, guiding them through the darkness and into the light. There are people alive today because of Mike’s empathy, fearlessness, friendship, care, and dedication. And these are stories that largely remain untold, but they are testaments to his true character.

As they navigate this challenging time, please keep Mike, his amazing wife Christie, and their boys in your prayers. They need our strength and hope more than ever. Here’s the thing about Mike – he’s a tough Aussie, through and through. He’s not in the business of losing battles; this is one fight he is determined to win.

Let’s give him our support and love because that’s what he’s done for many of us.

Rinder himself posted this announcement.

We at Starcasm hope the best for Mike Rinder and his family at this challenging time.

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