18-year-old YouTuber ‘McSkillet’ kills self and two others by driving down the wrong side of the wrong in his McLaren

Thursday afternoon Trevor J. Heitmann, who’s known as McSkillet on his highly successful gaming YouTube channel, died in a car crash that also killed a woman and her child and injured eight other people. He was driving his 2014 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren on the wrong side of the road of the 805 Freeway in the University City area of San Diego, California.

The explosion and fire from the crash was so severe that as of Friday officials were still trying to identify the mother and 12-year-old girl who passed away. 30 minutes before the fatal collision, McSkillet’s car plowed through an elementary school fence.

In a December, 2017 video McSkillet showed off his luxurious car.

He rose to YouTube fame with the game Counter Strike: Global Offensive and was able to garner hundreds of thousands of views from each video. However, he also made money from the game by trading skins. He even owned his own site, CSGO Magic. In June he reported received a trade ban, which one YouTuber estimated may have cost him $100,000.

Amelia Cunningham is a Starcasm writer and editor