Alone Season 6 confirmed by production company, filming already underway

Alone Season 6 4

The reality TV grind stops for no one — but especially not when you’ve been cast in one of the most popular survival shows on air. Leftfield Entertainment, the production company responsible for History’s hit Alone, has confirmed Alone Season 6 well in advance of the network. Here’s everything we know about the next season of the show so far.

SPOILERS Who wins Alone Season 5? Social media tea leaves may reveal victor

Who wins Alone Season 5

There are only three episodes to go, and five contestants left — but who wins Alone Season 5? Thanks to the cast members’ regular social media habits, we’ve established a rough order of when the final five returned to civilization, meaning it might be possible to figure out who won the $500,000 prize before the season finale’s big reveal.

SPOILERS Who won Alone Season 4 on History? Epic finale caps controversial change

It’s been a long and somewhat controversial fourth season for History’s Alone, which upped its own stakes by undercutting the show’s original premise and allowing survivors to buddy up. The resulting footage featured seven teams–or fourteen cast members, several more than the usual compliment–dealing with a host of different issues. As usual, medical evacs were […]

ALONE Season 4 new rules: What did History change?

History went and flipped the script for one of its most popular shows. The “crazy new twist” the network’s been advertising amounts to sort of a paradigm shift for Alone, which debuts its new season on June 15th. As many a sarcastic internet commenter has noted, the Alone Season 4 new rules eliminate the “alone” […]

SPOILERS Who wins Alone Season 3 on History? Possible premature reveal ahead of premiere episode

Though it’s too early to say for sure, we may have found out who wins Alone Season 3 on History before the first episode hits the airwaves. A few curious comments on social media may have let the cat out of the bag ten weeks early–or they could all be a cunning trick to attempt the show’s detail-hungry viewership. Read on to judge for yourself…

History’s survival smash Alone has viewers wondering about accuracy

Is History’s Alone real or fake? The show is an undisputed smash hit, and it’s not hard to see why: it’s probably the most ambitious survival reality show currently on the air. The show’s premise is simple enough: take ten contestants, drop them in different spots on the same abandoned locale, and see how long they can stick it out before the isolation (or hunger, or disease, or ever-present danger) drives them mad. But is the show legit?