LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Aris gives birth to daughter Charlie

Love After Lockup Cameron's wife Aris gives birth to their daughter Charlie

Congratulations to Love After Lockup couple Aris and Cameron Morton as they welcomed their first child together, daughter Charlie!

Cameron teased the imminent delivery on Instagram Sunday night in a series of text and emoji story posts. “I’m nervous asf in this hospital 😂” was his first story.

In trademark Cam fashion, he turned his seemingly endearing message about being nervous into something a little less endearing — but definitely more funny. “Not kause the baby otw but what if I gotta sh*t,” Cameron wrote. “I hate public restrooms 😕”

Early in the AM hours on Monday, Cameron shared a photo of Aris asleep in a hospital bed:

Love After Lockup Aris Morton just before giving birth to a baby girl

It doesn’t appear as though Cameron was able to get much sleep. Roughly an hour after he shared the photo above, he wrote: “F***in water broke all over my hand 😕🤮”

That message was followed by “Holy sh*t!!!!!” And then, “My baby so alert and strong 😍 I’m in love.”

Cameron later went live multiple times, and his streams included Charlie being held by her big sister, Aris’s daughter Lina. You can see a screen cap of Lina and Charlie shared by @rewatchreality in the image at the top of this post.

In his streams, Cameron reveals that Charlie was born at 3:17 AM on the morning of July 31. He says Aris is doing great now — and she did great during delivery. “She was only in labor from 9 until 3…And then, it only took three pushes,” Cameron says.

Cameron also confirms that Love After Lockup fans will be able to see more of their story — including Charlie’s birth — on an upcoming season. “Yeah, we’re going back on the TV show for sure,” he says.

In addition to his streams, Cameron also shared a photo of himself holding Charlie. (It’s the one with Cam wearing a hoodie sitting in a window at the top of this post.) “Big Killa x Baby Killa,” the proud dad captioned the image.

Congratulations again to Cameron and Aris! We certainly look forward to seeing more photos and video of little Charlie, which Cameron promises is coming soon! We will likely update this post when that happens, so stay tuned!

Photos: @ogkam_bam on Instagram.

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