LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Kristianna Roth released from custody. Is she finally ‘off paper?’

Love After Lockup Kristianna Roth released, looks to be off paper

Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup star Kristianna Roth has been released again, and this time it looks like she might finally be “off paper!”

According to VINE, Kristianna was released earlier today and her custody status has been changed to “out of custody.” In addition, the site lists “sentence served” under custody detail.

The Iowa Department of Corrections indicates Kristianna’s tentative discharge date was November 29, 2023. Kristianna was found guilty of voluntary absence from custody on November 30, 2022 after she fled the state while on parole late last year. She was sentenced to 365 days, which lines up with the November 29 discharge date.

So how did Kristianna get released early? The Iowa DOC site indicates there was a parole board decision of “parole with immediate discharge” on Wednesday.

Neither the Iowa DOC website or VINE indicates that Kristianna is currently on parole or under any other form of supervision, so it appears likely that she is officially “off paper.” If that is the case, it is the first time in a VERY long time for the 39-year-old!

Kristianna was sentenced to 10 years in prison with ten years suspended for 2nd degree burglary in December of 2016. She violated her probation less than a month later and her ten-year prison sentence was reactivated in February of 2017. She was still on parole for that conviction when she was arrested late last year.

Prior to the 2016 conviction, Kristianna had a LONG list of prior criminal charges and convictions.

Congratulations to Kristianna! Hopefully she will share an update on social media soon and provide a little more information about her current status.

In case you missed it, John Miller filed for divorce from Kristianna on March 9, 2022. That was just a few weeks before she was arrested on an outstanding warrant after a traffic stop. The divorce was finalized on May 27, and John was quickly engaged again to another woman.

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