Life After Lockup cast photos and couples guide Season 8 2023

New season of Life After Lockup December 2023

WE tv has officially confirmed the couples who will be featured on Life After Lockup Season 8! The new season will feature no fewer than NINE couples, including three first-time Life After Lockup couples and one couple returning after a three-season hiatus.

“The love story continues as WE tv today announced that fan favorite, Life After Lockup, will return with 10 new episodes on Friday, December 1st at 9/8c,” reads the network’s press release, issued on Friday.

More from the press release, followed by the Life After Lockup Season 8 preview trailer:

New Life After Lockup couples

Love After Lockup Melissa Picariello and Louie Fojut


Melissa and Louie will be completing the franchise trifecta by going from Love During Lockup to Love After Lockup and then to Life After Lockup.

The couple’s new bio reveals that postal worker New Jerseyite Melissa and convicted Georgian felon Louie “put their relationship on pause at the end of Love After Lockup.”

Melissa will tire of Louie’s lack of initiative and his overbearing helicopter mom, Donna. However, she reconsiders rekindling her high school crush yet again when Louie finally does take some initiative by leaving his mother behind and moving to New Jersey!

Despite the grand gesture, the couple continues to struggle as Melissa’s jealousy, Louie’s struggles to meet the goals set for him, and the continued influence of Louie’s now long-distance mom.

Love After Lockup Britney and Kerok


Former prison buddies turned lovers Britney and Kerok are also completing the Lockup trifecta, but unlike Melissa and Louie, they haven’t had any time off between seasons.

Their bio reveals that the couple are going to wrap up their season of Love After Lockup with their relationship status up in the air. They remain divided on getting married and having kids, and Kerok struggles to gain the acceptance of Britney’s family.

The couple’s story line will reportedly divert from Kerok and Britney this season as it is discovered Kerok’s brother, Desmond, may have a drug problem. As the family bands together for an intervention, Britney and Kerok are worried that the presence of drugs in the house might result in parole violations for both of them.

Love After Lockup Joynomi and Redd


Joynomi and Redd will be making their Life After Lockup debut, but they do so after appearing on Love After Lockup only.

Fans will likely be shocked to find out the couple lasted more than a couple weeks, but that appears to be the case. However, the couple’s official bio reveals they “ended Love After Lockup in a state of uncertainty as Redd had been hiding his secret infidelity.”

It’s unclear when Redd cheated on Joynomi, but I assume it was soon after his release.

In addition to keeping his infidelity a secret, Redd is also struggling to win over Joynomi’s family.

Returning Life After Lockup couples

Love After Lockup Shavel and Quaylon


Shavel and Quaylon return to WE tv after a lengthy hiatus. Aside from a recent “Where Are They Now?” special, Shavel and Quaylon last appeared on the fourth season of Life After Lockup.

As viewers will likely recall, the couple had a volatile split, and Shavel swore she was never going to date another inmate — Quaylon included.

However, after Shavel’s apartment caught fire last year, Quaylon stepped up to support her and her daughter, Mi’elah. The support won Shavel over, and the two have since rekindled their romance.

The relationship gets very serious as Shavel and Quaylon start planning for a wedding — as seen in the preview trailer. Unfortunately, their nuptials are at risk of being derailed when Shavel’s mom and Quaylon’s mom “end up nearly brawling at a wedding venue!”

Love After Lockup Justine and Michael


Pregnant Justine and “Montana Millz” rapper Michael follow through on their plans to move to Las Vegas by buying a house in Sin City. The relocation causes some strain between Michael and his family — including his other children.

“Tensions flare when Michael’s mom, Maria, gifts Justine a paternity test over dinner,” the couple’s bio reveals. “As the couple prepares for the baby’s birth and Vegas, Michael’s PO denies permission to move, leaving Justine questioning Michael and their relationship.”

Life After Lockup Blaine and Lindsey Downs


Inmate Lindsey Downs returns for another stint on WE tv with the third man she’s dated. With Scott and Daonte in her rear view mirror, Lindsey continues to try to make her relationship work with long-time friend, and now boyfriend, Blaine.

The relationship is strained after Lindsey’s teen daughter Mylie and Blaine’s son all move in. In a scene from the preview trailer, it appears Lindsey is facing an additional 40 years in prison for some unknown reason.

As if the potential prison time was stressful enough, the #Blandsey bio reveals that “Mylie shares shocking news about Blaine which could change the future of Lindsey and Blaine’s relationship.”

Love After Lockup Aris and Cameron


Aris is pregnant with the couple’s first child together, despite both having a child from a previous relationship.

Aris and husband Cameron begin looking for a new home for their growing family, but “Aris begins to question Cameron’s priorities as he suggests buying a $300K tour bus for them to live in.”

Adding additional strain to the relationship is Cameron’s insistence on making his rap career his main focus. Based on the preview trailer, having a rap career means going to empty strip clubs. And of course Aris finds out and crashes the party.


Shawn returns for his 49th season… Just kidding! Shawn and Sara continue to struggle as they add being business owners to their list of relationship stressors.

Shawn continues his infamous poor financial decision making by taking out loans “while his ex, Kelly, begins to pursue Shawn for extra child support.” All of this is happening as Shawn and Sara “take on a tow truck business.”

Sara, who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter due to her drug addiction issues, “faces big risks as she is back in contact with opioids due to her plastic surgery journey.” And according to the couple’s bio, she has multiple surgeries.

Love After Lockup Tayler and Chance


Speaking of “infamous poor financial decision making” and starting a business together, Chance is still in deep debt as he and (still not wife) Tayler launch and epoxy furniture business.

Making matters worse for the couple, Chance’s financial situation gets even more dire thanks to “an old loan that Chance thought was forgotten.”

Will Tayler and Chance finally get married, or will the financial pressures finally tear them apart?

Life After Lockup premieres Friday, December 1st at 9/8c on WE tv. New episodes will also be available on the AMC Networks streaming service, ALLBLK, every Tuesday.

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