LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Kurtis King arrested twice for drug possession since July

Love After Lockup Kurtis King update (The guy that Kevin punched and knocked out)

Love After Lockup’s Kurtis King got very intimate with some asphalt after co-star Kevin Kurtis knocked him out cold in a parking lot brawl over the affection of inmate Tiffany Bolton. Since Kurtis’s infamous fall on hard pavement, he has fallen on hard times.

As we were the first to report, the now-33-year-old was in jail on an unrelated assault charge when the Love After Lockup knockout episode aired in March of 2022.

Kurtis was initially charged with aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury, which is a second-degree felony. He was convicted on a lesser misdemeanor charge of aggravated assault causing bodily injury in October of 2022.

Kurtis was sentenced to 23 days in jail for the assault charge, but he was credited with 23 days time served.

Prior to his conviction, Kurtis revealed on Instagram that his roommate allegedly stole everything he owned except his bed and some sneakers. Kurtis launched a GoFundMe in May of 2022 in hopes of raising $10,000 to “help rebuild his life.” The campaign raised $150 of the $10,000 goal.

Kurtis King homeless

In November of 2022, Kurtis shared several posts on Instagram revealing that he was homeless and looking for a place to live.

It’s unclear what happened to his pit bull Brody, who Kurtis had for ten years, but Kurtis shared a post on Instagram in April of this year revealing he had gotten a new puppy.

Unfortunately, Kurtis’s situation hadn’t improved. Here’s his caption from the puppy photo on April 8:

Does anyone have a vacant rent house? Room for rent? RV? I am getting desperate. I have a puppy and a felony from 2008 that is making making renting almost impossible. I also have one broken lease on my rental history from 2020. I need help and I’ve spent the passed year struggling and not asking. Message me if you can help.

Kurtis King arrest July 30 2023

Kurtis King drug arrests

Kurtis King was arrested by the Saginaw Police Department on July 30. The charge is listed as “POSS CS PG 1/1-B,” which looks to be possession of a controlled substance from penalty group 1 and/or 1-B.

Penalty group 1 includes drugs most likely to cause misuse and addiction that are not for medical use. Penalty group 1-B is Fentanyl.

Kurtis was released, and on September 13 he posted a gallery of photos featuring the car dealership he used to work at. Here is part of his caption:

The streets tried to claim me over the last year.

But Im stronger. I will comeback from this past year. L after L after L. That ends today. Its time to get back to work. This post does not reflect a current employer of mine but the power of positive energy could persuade my higher ups that im deserving of another chance. Come up here with your trade in and make me look good. I’ll make your driveway look good!

500 down all credit approved come on wit it😉

The following day, Kurtis posted a photo of his truck and a small camper. “Let me park on your property for a month?” Kurtis wrote. “I’ll pay… I need to figure this out. Asap!!! Message me.”

Love After Lockup Kurtis King October 2023 arrest

Earlier this month, Kurtis was arrested again for possession of a controlled substance. This time it was penalty group 2, which includes drugs like ecstasy, Hydrocodone and amphetamines.

Jail records indicate that Kurtis was pulled over for speeding by Grand Prairie police. It is logical to assume that police found drugs in his possession after the traffic stop, but that is unconfirmed.

Kurtis is currently in the custody of the Tarrant County Jail. His bond is set at $1,500.

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