LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Redd’s bff Julie arrested for fentanyl possession

Life After Lockup Redd's friend Julie arrested

Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup star Redd Noldon seems to keep his best friend with benefits Julie on speed dial just in case he and Joynomi go on a break — even if the break is for 30 minutes.

However, Redd may need to find another booty call bae because Julie in currently in jail on a felony drug possession charge!

According to court records, Julie was pulled over on September 11, 2023 due to expired license plates. Julie had a revoked driver’s license and provided the officer with the license of a friend who had “similar characteristics.”

Unfortunately for Julie, her friend had active warrants. From the arresting officer’s narrative in the probable cause statement:

[Julie] consented to a search of the vehicle and advised there was nothing in the vehicle. Shortly after, [Julie] advised she remembered there were pills inside of the vehicle located in the front passenger’s inside door pocket.

I conducted a search of the vehicle and located (3) three red and clear capsules containing a white powdery substance in the front passenger’s door pocket. I read [Julie] her Miranda Rights to which she stated she understood. [Julie] advised she was the owner of the vehicle and further advised the pills were Fentanyl; however, denied ownership of the pills and stated they were her boyfriend’s.

When Julie was taken to the jail, she revealed to the officer that she had provided false identification. “[Julie] advised she provided me the license of her friend because she ‘freaked’ out during the traffic stop and advised she knew she provided me the wrong driver’s license.”

The officer ran Julie’s information in the computer and it revealed she was on probation from a felony drug conviction in August of last year.

The lab results for the pills came back on October 2 and “disclosed Para—Fluorofentanyl, a schedule I-controlled substance, and Fentanyl, a schedule II-controlled substance.”

Julie was charged with felony possession of Fentanyl and a warrant was issued for her arrest on November 22. The warrant was served on December 19 and Julie was later booked into the St. Charles County Department of Corrections facility.

Love After Lockup Redd Noldon's girl friend Julie 2023 mug shot photo from drug possession arrest

Julie’s cash-only bond was set at $2,500. Her attorney filed a motion for a bond reduction and there is a bond hearing scheduled for next week.

Likely due in part to her bond being relatively high and cash-only, 26-year-old Julie is still in custody.

A probation violation was filed against Julie on October 27. She is scheduled for a probation violation hearing on January 18. She is currently serving 5 years of probation stemming from an August, 2022 felony drug possession conviction.

UPDATE – At Julie’s bond hearing on December 27, the judge signed an “Order To Reduce Bond.” The bond was still $2,500, but it was “with 10% authorized.” Julie posted her bond and was released from jail the same day. As part of the bond agreement, Julie must take a drug test every Wednesday. She is due back in court in January.

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