Andy was a Love After Lockup fan, commented on cast online?

Love After Lockup Andy

Love After Lockup Season 8 star is a former police officer turned truck driver who has fallen for a convicted felon named Brittney. Why would a former cop be looking for love on prison dating sites? Perhaps because Andy has been a big fan of Love after Lockup for years?

Andy has a Instagram and Twitter accounts under the unique name @smackdaddiest1, and that same exact username can be found on reddit. In addition to having the same username, the redditor mentions being a former police officer from the South as well as having a black son-in-law (which Andy does).

The Instagram and Twitter accounts have photos, but the reddit account does not.

The @smackdaddiest1 reddit account was created more than three years ago, and all of the posts are comments left in Love After Lockup and 90 Day Fiance subreddits.

It’s interesting to note that the account’s last activity was a comment left on a post on April 17. Starcasm was first tipped about Love After Lockup filming in south Georgia thanks to this Facebook post on April 28, which looks to be from the scene Andy filmed with his police officer buddy.

I believe the late April filming was the first time Andy filmed, but I am not certain of that. However, it would seem to make sense that he would retire from commenting publicly on Love After Lockup soon after finding out he was going to be on the show himself.

Andy’s comments on Love After Lockup cast?

I’ve gathered together some of the comments left by the @Smackdaddiest1 reddit account. First up is Love After Lockup. If you keep scrolling you can read some of the comments about 90 Day Fiance.

Favorite catchphrases from Love After Lockup

“Motherfu**in crack – Clint
This is your last chance, Tony. – Angela
I just got out of prison. – Shane
Stratredrick. – Michael
Oh, and Sarah’s blaccent.”

On Angela’s (as in Angela and Tony) close friend Tommy, who wanted his relationship with Angela to be more than just friends.

“Tommy is the King of all Simps. It’s pathetic how he’s still chasing her around. Once you reveal your true feelings for someone and they friendzone you, it’s time to face reality that it’s never going to happen.”

On Michael Simmons manipulating Sarah

“What manipulation? She’s a disgusting trash bag, piece of s**t wh**e who’s doing wayyyyyy more damage to those poor kids than she is helping them. She’s just as bad as he is, and that’s sayin something.”

In response to Sarah posting a “no filter” photo for her haters

“Oh, poor Sa….you don’t have haterz, dear. You just have people that know you’re an absolute waste of oxygen and a vagina, and that your poor kids would be much better off without you or Sixhead as their parent!”

On Shavel

“Wife and I have wondered the same thing. She’s an unfortunate looking woman. Water tower head, with no neck and a stand up freezer for a body. Bless her heart.”

More on Shavel

“If Big Ed from 90 Day was a black woman….”

On a post criticizing the beautician for Stan’s girlfriend Lisa

“Well…in fairness….you can polish a turd all you want, but when you’re done….it’s still a turd.”

On Maurice’s new girlfriend after leaving Jessica

“Jessica is no prize, but this is one unpleasant looking potato here.”

On Lacey Whitlow

“Roger from American Dad with a dress and a wig. Prove me wrong.”

On Lindsey Downs claiming that Scott gave her chlamydia

“Methinks chlamydia ain’t the worst thing she’s had.”

On Shawn Osborne’s ex Kelly having an OnlyFans

“I seriously just vomited in my mouth a bit.”

On Derek’s transgender sister Elizabeth making fun of Monique’s weight

“That’s rich, coming from a biological male in a hooker dress and heels.”

On Taylor (of Chance and Taylor) not putting her kids first

“Find one woman on this show that puts her kids first. You can’t.”

Arguing that he can tell the race of most people just by hearing their voice

Lmao. Okay. So, if you answer the phone from a stranger, you can’t differentiate between a white lady and a black lady? Or a Hispanic lady? Or Arab? Or Oriental? I can, most times.

So if I said man-cent or woman-cent, would that be offensive too?
What world do you live in that people of different races and ethnicities don’t talk differently?

GMAFB with your faux outrage.

I never proclaimed to be an expert on black people. Here you go putting words in my mouth again, or fingertips, however you’d like to say it.

Lol I can assure you that you don’t want to compare IQs, educational backgrounds/accomplishments or professions. I’d prefer to not embarrass you more than you’ve already embarrassed yourself here. Although, it would be “hella fun” as all my black friends would say. You know, since I’m an expert and all.

I know who and what I am, you do not. It’s clear to anyone reading this that one of us is making a pile of assumptions and it’s not me, Skyler.

On something about Andrea (of Andrea and Lamar) moving to California? (The original post was deleted)

And? So Andrea didn’t have the same “privilege” that her friend had when she lived in Utah? Andrea didn’t give that “privilege” up when she moved to fu**ing Watts of all places, then she pissed and moans about crime and the degeneracy of the place influencing her also “privileged” children?

Let me guess, the Utah police were hunting down blacks in her suburban paradise, too. Give me a break. As a former LEO, I can tell you police don’t give two sh*ts about your fu**ing skin color, and I’d venture to say that I arrested just as many whites as I did blacks or Hispanics. I didn’t keep up with the numbers, because, again, who gives a sh*t other than people like you who believe everything they see on social media or CNN.

Keep virtue signaling, pathetic looks good on you.

@Smackdaddiest1’s comments on 90 Day Fiance

On reports that Jihoon was abusive to Deavan’s daughter Drasilla

“Whipping that little monster’s a** for misbehaving isn’t abuse. It’s what Deavan and her stank a**s mama should’ve been doing for years!”

On Blake

“It was awkward watching Blake pretend to be a straight man when he’s the most obvious flaming homosexual in the history of the show.”

On Stephanie Matto

“This useless gash will do anything for attention.”

On Charlie Potthast

“He should thank his lucky stars that Andrei didn’t connect with his non-chin with one of those right hands he was throwing. Charlie and the Coke Factory might still be asleep.”

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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