LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Why Sharae faked a marriage certificate

On Episode 1 of Season 5 of Love After Lockup, we learn Sharae and Anthony, both 34 from Schenectady, NY, have been deceiving Sharae’s family by pretending to be married while Anthony served time for burgalry. Not only did they fabricate their marriage, but Sharae even went to the extent of obtaining a fake marriage certificate.

Sharae tells her friend during a phone call, “The entire family believes that Ant and I are legally married.”

While packing for their stay at a hotel after Anthony gets out of prison, Sharae discussed the lie with her friend, Sunny.

Sharae explained that the lies started with Anthony. They had planned to marry on April 4, 2021, but couldn’t proceed since Anthony was still legally married. Anthony for divorce while in prison and mistakenly assumed the divorce had been completed.

Sharae and Anthony Love After Lockup

It wasn’t, and as their wedding day approached, they found out Anthony was still legally married. This broke Sharae emotionally.

Sharae is now worried that her family and friends will begin to question their relationship when they find out they had to delay their wedding because Anthony was already married.

Why did Sharae buy a fake marriage certificate?

She coped with the pain of this revelation by purchasing a fake marriage certificate online for $99. “I was vulnerable,” Sharae explains, justifying her actions to the camera.

Sharae fake marriage certificate

“They’re going to assume the entire relationship is a fraud,” Sunny tells Sharae about how her friends and family will react when they find out the truth.

Sharae says that Anthony initially became upset when he learned she told her family they were married. However, he backed down when reminded that they wouldn’t be facing this predicament had he finalized his divorce in time.

“All I wanted was for our relationship to appear stable,” Sharae explains, reflecting on her decision to acquire the counterfeit certificate.

Now, she realizes that this revelation will only compound the negative perception of their relationship when it becomes public knowledge.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Sharae breaks down in tears while discussing the pain she felt upon discovering Anthony’s previous marriage just days before their intended wedding.

Sharae says Anthony is now fully divorced, though, and they plan to marry soon.

A surprise for Anthony

Sharae has another secret, this time for Anthony. Before they come home, Sharae’s taking Anthony to a hotel so they can spend some quality time together. Anthony requested that Sharae bring $500 in one-dollar bills to their hotel room, so he can make it rain on her.

When they do come home, however, there’s going to be a huge surprise party waiting for him. Sharae even invited her baby daddy Ridge.

She says she invited Ridge to be petty. He had often mocked Sharae because of Anthony’s imprisonment, so she wanted to flaunt her happiness at Anthony’s return in front of Ridge.

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