LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Did Tayler cheat on Chance? Facebook feud recap!

Life After Lockup Chance and Tayler Facebook feud

Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup couple Tayler George and Chance Pitt recently had a HUGE blow up on Facebook, which all started because Chance was likely not attending their son Mason’s first birthday.

Chance escalated the heated exchange very quickly, as he seemingly unleashed with all sorts of allegations and spoilers for the current season of Life After Lockup. Tayler literally begged him to stop and delete what he had posted, but Chance (once again) didn’t do what Tayler wanted.

Tayler and Chance Facebook feud recap


The feud between Chance and Tayler seemed to begin when Tayler shared a lyrics video for Clean Bandit’s song “Solo” featuring Demi Lovato on Facebook on November 18, which was Mason’s birthday. Chance responded with this comment:

don’t worry, I’m right There with you. I don’t think in all my years of getting high in the past. Jail timelton etc I have ever wasted so much time and money. You know the only thing I can relate it. it’s like buying a bag of candy at the store, And you carry it around and you’re waiting for the perfect timing. And then finally when you open it ,it’s empty And then you realize it was empty the whole time

Chance shared a photo of himself with Mason on Facebook the same day and added this caption:

Happy Birthday Mason Pitt
Big #1 today
Will somebody please
give my son a hug for me,
let him know that
his daddy loves him too

Tayler responded by asking Chance to edit the caption to avoid the couple getting into trouble with Life After Lockup producers. That seemed to rile Chance up as he WENT OFF in the comments!

I tried to edit the comments down, but in the end I felt it was best to not cut anything out and try to present all of Chance’s interactions — including an apparent implication that Tayler cheated on him.

The comments were kind of a mess, with multiple responses to multiple commenters, and also deleted comments. I have tried my best to organize the multiple conversations in the best way possible. The author of the comment is at the beginning in bold. The person he/she was responding to is next with an @ symbol. I’ve numbered the people (commenters) leaving comments that Chance and/or Taylor responded to.

CHANCE: I missed his first halloween,
And now i’m missing his first birthday,
Maybe I’ll get some pictures this time

COMMENTER 1: Where are you that you can’t hug him? Happy birthday!

COMMENTER 2: It sounds like him and the mother are not together. That’s so sad. I think he was a great dad to the girls and baby.

CHANCE: @COMMENTER 2 Yes, crazy, it’s like it wasn’t even real. It was like here today gone tomorrow out of sight Is out of mind…

TAYLER: @COMMENTER 2 Sometimes someone can be a good dad, without being a good spouse. Chance please fix your caption before you get us in trouble. And delete comments regarding this.

CHANCE: @TAYLER Hey, stop making everything about you. That’s all I have ever Is heard from you Me me, me, me., Shame the devil and tell the truth for once. In your life, start deleting your post. I don’t have to answer to anyone but God, If they don’t like it, they can fire me. But we don’t have to guess what all your posts are about. I did the best. I could buy you better than anybody ever did.

But you know what? I don’t have to explain myself to anyone either. I’m just tired of all the drama. It’s hard to be and look Down your nose at.. But I never did anything for recognition. I did it because that’s what I wanted to do.

Yes, after that. The first domino’s always blaming all the others for knocking everything over.

CHANCE: @COMMENTER 2 That’s really sad you know. The only thing I can relate it with is when you buy one of them candies and you open it to find out. It was never there. The whole time you’ve been walking around with an empty package.

She didn’t even send me a picture. Of my son on his first halloween, I still don’t even know what Mason was dressed up as. Tayler George Told me she didn’t send Pictures because I didn’t ask for any but she didn’t have any problems sending a picture of her and her ex-boyfriend together. You know the one she was talking to behind my back all those different times You know a woman would say I’m the narcissist because of the way things appear. Really it’s just been one game of smoke and mirrors.

COMMENTER 3: They are not [together]

CHANCE: @COMMENTER 3 And for good reason too. As soon as I . See in the Foolery I should have backed out asap.

COMMENTER 4: @TAYLER being a good father has nothing to do with being a good spouse. If he’s not a good spouse then he’s not happy with you vice versa but don’t use his kids as pawn. If you’re not good to me then you can’t be around. Let that man be a father.

TAYLER: @COMMETER 4 Ive NEVER used mason against him. Neverrrrrrr. Y’all will see. But I’m surely not gonna go hunt his ass down and drag him here. He’s grown and has a vehicle.

CHANCE: @COMMENTER 1 I’m working. I’m just taking out my frustration on This demo job I’m doing of course, I don’t have to be here. I don’t really have a time Is limit on this job, But the minute I show up. Everything gets awkward and you know nobody ever wanted us together before I even got out, so it was one of those fights. You already know it’s a losing battle. I don’t even know why I did it. I guess I had too much faith I like to believe.


CHANCE: @TAYLER Tayler George What’s wrong, Taylor you wanna get on your little Facebook, do Hickey, and make all your little post and comments about this and that I’m not saying nothing outside of anything. You’ve already said you and your little Kiki and Kibbitz Man hater been blowing this shit out of the water , And honestly If it wasn’t enough that I had to deal with. Are your little fake besties and then just all the extra b******* like if that didn’t make it hard enough, you had your little goof troop running around and acting like they know what the h*** they’re talking about. Guess what I’m smarter than your average bear. And where it appears that I don’t know how to keep my mouth shut. I just choose what I say, And don’t reveal the rest.

So if you think for 1 more second That I’m gonna sit here and actually let you hold my son Rap for me.

And I’m gonna hold this contract like It means more no they don’t work like that girl. See, I get up on a daily basis. And I go to have time to get on Facebook if I do. It’s just because.

I check my notifications real quick and then i’m done. But today you know is my son’s birthday. And then I started seeing little Post here and there. And then I started seeing your Post and you got me f***** u* Cause I ain’t getting ready to play the bad guy not 1 more day, If you want me to delete my post, you’d better get on there and delete every single one of yours.

Or the next post you make better be the picture you sent to me of you. And your ex boyfriend with you on is lap in the back of his SUV and while you’re at it, make another post of the fake Gmail. You made that you put the fake Facebook account on that. You were using to talk to him a year and a 1/2 ago.

You remember the one that you looked me in my eyes and lied about. Try to blame your sister. And on top of it, I’m coming to take my son out for his birthday. And you alone can come with me or you can stay there.

Cause I got screenshots of all that s*** honey. I got screenshots of your secures bill. I got screenshots of your Messages Aint your dumb little butt set me a picture of you and him together instead of sending me a picture of my son for Halloween. Honestly I don’t care who you get with that’s your prerogative. I wouldn’t have even known. I mean about yo getting together before halloween like what the day before, If you didn’t send me the picture. But I didn’t ask for that picture. And you told me I had to ask for a picture of my son. And I’m not going against the contract. The information’s already out there and I didn’t put it out there. You’re playing with the wrong one. My mind is on straight. I don’t do drugs. I don’t drink alcohol. I hardly even smoke cigarettes anymore. I work all day and I’m putting together a playroom for my son-in my house.

Now you tell me who the hell does that? Who sends a picture of them and their ex together but not a picture Of their son.?

You’re using him against me. And you sent a picture of you in your ex. To further try to get under my skin. And you are wrong for doing that if you don’t think my son doesn’t think about me and wonder where I’m at.

It’s f****** with him.

You know why? Because I was that little boy one time and I would wonder where my mom was at. So don’t let this ruin Mason’s birthday.

If you want to admit it or not, we both made Mistakes and we were both wrong. I guess somewhere might matter who opened that door but not here not now and not to me anymore. Do not ever use my son against me again Because that’s only hurting everybody. Including Mason.

COMMENTER 5: @TAYLER pretty sure he’s going against the contract….

CHANCE: @COMMENTER 5 Well, it sounds like you might know a thing or 2 about a finger too. So let me ask you a question. How am I disclosing any information that isn’t already disclosed by another party and commonnology among hell all I did was join in the conversation.

Siri, why won’t you put me out as a bad guy? But guess what? This bad guy has a bunch of good friends and one of Them is a lawyer. So I can’t get in trouble For talking about something that’s already being talked about

COMMENTER 6: Chance Pitt well if you are working don’t beat your self up. I just was wondering what was up with you not physically being there. Im sorry if I over stepped boundaries.

CHANCE: @COMMENTER 6 No worries for real and I didn’t mean to come off so Harsh. I have been dealing with a lot lately and it’s crunch time and has been for a good minute. Nobody’s to blame for what they don’t fully know or understand thanks for your best wishes and I appreciate it. I’m just glad I have been able to hold it together. I’m glad that God has blessed me with such good friends. I mean the friends that I have in my life. Had to stand by and be embarrassed. Because I was always around. And they’re all successful every one of them. But they remain my friends the whole time. And we were always in contact and now I’m out then have been for the past 2 years. It seems like longer than that. I’ve done so much. But then I still feel like I’m so far behind and I haven’t got nothing rate. Everybody, please try to have a good day and. I’ll be out there. I’m just not gonna show up well. The circus is in town,

TAYLER: @CHANCE Ummm, excuse you. I never not one time used mason against you. NOT ONE F***ING TIME. I told you to go to the party, multiple times. And on Halloween you didn’t even call! Not one time!! You didn’t ask for a picture there for, I didn’t send one. It’s your responsibility to reach out if you want to see your son. I got my own sh*t to worry about, and honestly I’m not EVER gonna beg no one to be a freaking dad. Shit il be mom and dad. Idgaf!

Now as far as all the other sh*t, I’m not gonna call you out on all your sh*t. But you got me fu**ed up. Now, I’m trying to have a good day! Goodbye sir.

COMMENTER 7: Chance Pitt 🙄you know it was you, Tayler is a good woman, all you gave her was need to tell the truth, some people know the truth…smh you’re not the victim..

CHANCE: @COMMENTER 7 See there’s the difference. I never claimed to be the victim and I have admited my faults, failures And mistakes As well. But see what ya don’t know is that there was some filming of what tayler did, but they didn’t air it. It doesn’t matter to me what you believe, though. Think what you want and enjoy your day. Please don’t get on my post act in a fool. This isn’t one of those little hate groups. And I’m not a prisoner, I’m a human being. I have been on parole successful for 2 years now.

I’ve had to take more drug test than they give kids milk at school and pass everyone of them. You know you can have your opinion but the proof is always in the pudding. And the truth always comes out. I could put it out there right now.I aint like that.. My truck is almost paid off. I own an operate my own business.

And I don’t give a s*** with anybody’s. Gotta say about nothing regarding anything about the stupid show. But actually honestly, and I’ll put this on my blood. No, it wasn’t me. Yes, I did f*** up eventually, but no, it was not me. It was her First, surprise.

CHANCE: @COMMENTER 7 But of course, she will never admit that she lied to my face. Stared me in my eyes and swore on her kids that it wasn’t her. It was her sister Bobby.

Only for me to find out a year and a 1/2 later. Yes, she lied to me the whole time and looked me in my face every day. But her sister told me the truth. I mean hell, I figure I saved her life. It’s at least you could do right. Somebody in that house can be honest with me about something.

COMMENTER 8: Chance Pitt who cares what they didn’t want!! If you and Tayler are in agreement for you to be there then go. You won’t be able to get this day back. When people start buying diapers, clothes and paying bills for y’all THEN they can have an opinion. Until then ignore them…. I swear it pisses them off more, they hate to see someone winning.

CHANCE: @COMMENTER 8 No, I’ll be there. I just don’t want to show up and other people feel like they gotta leave. And then they take their kids because they’re her so-called friends. if you knew the half of it. Look if You Only knew the half of it.. I was her only real friend.

CHANCE: @COMMENTER 8 No I plan ongoing after the party. Then I would like to take my son. Get him a new outfit and take him to Kokomo. Joe’s or chuck e cheelet him have some fun. Play smart k games, watch him. Smear cake and ice cream all over his new clothes. And I’ll be going to sit there and smile and take pictures. I just want him to have fun and if I show app and everybody cops an attitude and they leave, then there goes his whole party falls apart. Well, I’m sitting on the couch with hi, can wait, trust me. It hurts but I can will be there today. And if she aint ready today, she better be ready tomorrow. And then she can just go sit down somewhere and watch me sit with my son there.

COMMENTER 9: Chance Pitt did she cheat?

CHANCE: @COMMENTER 9 I mean, if you ask me lying is cheating. Hiding stuff is cheating, not just sexual activity. I mean there’s more than one way to be a disloyal Cheater.

COMMENTER 10: He was always playing the victim. Poor me was his motto but here he is trying to say it was Tayler George. He never had anything to do with his other kids but now he wants to be recognized as daddy of the year. 🙄🙄🙄

CHANCE: @COMMENTER 10 Let me guess you see that on t. V. It’s got to be real.

COMMENTER 11: @COMMENTER 10 Oh I definitely agree..

CHANCE: @COMENTER 11 Of course you definitely agree

COMMENTER 11: Chance Pitt 🙄 ok like you did when you bought a pressure washer and only washed your truck tires…okay.

CHANCE: @COMMENTER 11 See, that just goes to show you what you know, So I guess if I post pictures and videos of me power washing several houses. It just proves you another liar.

COMMENTER 10: Chance Pitt of course!!! Just like fb. If it’s on here it’s got to be real. 🤣🤣

CHANCE: @COMMENTER 10 If you want the facts, all you gotta do is look at the damn profile pictures and videos of everything we used to do I don’t see one damn episode on there…May be an image of 1 person.

CHANCE: @COMMENTER 10 Oh, what’s wrong? You didn’t see that only episode, did you? That’s the guy she’s been talking to for a year and a half, Same one she lied about same 1 that calls her every time. He gets locked app and s**** on her every time he gets out. So there’s some facts for you.

COMMENTER 12: Chance Pitt he’s so handsome ❤️ hope his birthday is the best 💕

CHANCE: @COMMENTER 12 Oh I bet he’s having a blast. But he don’t have to worry about where I’m at for too much longer. And then he’s gonna have another blast.

I remember growing up when I was younger. I would sit. And look out the window you know, my dad asked me. What are you doing, son and I would say? Do you think my mom remembers today is my birthday, And then I would ask if he thinks she’s gonna Come. And By God heaven help me Nothing short of death is gonna stop me from being there for him.

COMMENTER 13: I hope you get to see your son, you have rights!

CHANCE: @COMMENTER 13 Yeah, I could drive out there and see him and get all the rude glares. And the hateful stairs you know it kind of reminds me when I walked in that house. My 1st Day Out of prison. I should have cut that s*** out a long time ago. But then I wouldn’t have Mason, She’ll figure it out soon enough that boy is a Pitt, And at the end of the day it’s gonna take his father to train him. Teach him and discipline him correctly. Or he’s not gonna take to it. And they’re all gonna have a hard time should be begging me to come get him a year.

TAYLER: @CHANCE I messaged you and replied to a comment already, it’s at 3. Everyone’s adults, your gonna regret not being there, and your gonna be judged more as a father for not showing up. 👌

COMMENTER 14: She is being completely ignorant to you. Someone needs to tell that chick, no matter what going on between you 2 he is part of your life too.

CHANCE: @COMMENTER 14 Those are my thoughts exactly bro this doesn’t hurt anybody but Mason especially in the long run  running it for me hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving. 

TAYLER: @COMMENTER 14 I understand your chances bestfriend, and regardless of if he’s right or not, you will and should take his side. But I feel like you guys only have half of the story, and it seems highly filtered to me. Regardless of what he’s telling anyone, I’m not being ignorant to him, I told him to come to his birthday party multiple times and the only time I say he can’t come (which he’s only asked like twice) is when I’m busy and he tries give me a 10 minute warning that he wants to come. I want to be civil with him. I’ve been trying, but I’m not gonna beg, nor am I going to drag him.

CHANCE: Tayler George so why can’t I pick my son up and go to the park or anywhere for that matter well at least Steven gets to take Athena when he wants to

TAYLER: @CHANCE please don’t do this chance, you know why…

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