LOVE DURING LOCKUP Is Haley still dating Dalton? Is she pregnant?

Love During Lockup Haley updates. Is she still with Dalton? Is she pregnant?

WE tv aired a “Where Are They Now?” special Thursday night that included Love During Lockup Season 1 star Haley Cole.

Viewers will recall Haley as the Cruella-haired maid who spent tens of thousands of dollars from a car crash settlement on her felon bae, Dalton Edgin.

In the Where Are They Now? episode, Haley admitted that she probably sent Dalton between $20,000 and $25,000. “I don’t have anything left,” she revealed.

For those Love During Lockup fans who haven’t been keeping up with Haley off screen over the past year, she dropped a HUGE bombshell in June of this year by revealing she started dating Dalton again after he was released was prison!

Haley also made the Dalton reconciliation reveal during the special. Here’s the clip:

Are Haley and Dalton still together?

Starcasm broke the news in August that Dalton Edgin was arrested for assault on a family member causing bodily harm.

Haley later confirmed that she and Dalton were done, and also seemed to confirm that she was the alleged victim of Dalton’s assault. “Single and focusing on myself and my SONshine,” Haley captioned a photo of herself on Instagram three days after Dalton’s arrest.

“Dalton was not good to me guys,” Haley wrote over another image that appeared to show a hole punched in a door. “Oh and this is just one hole.”

More from Haley at the time:

I’ve been in a similar relationship and I’m finally realizing I will no longer tolerate toxicity. I am worthy, and one day I’ll find healthy love. But this…. This isn’t.

I wish I could tell my story more. Maybe I will when time heals these wounds not only on me but my home, my family, and my life.

Dalton was released on bond soon after his arrest, but he was back in custody again on a parole hold less than a week later. According to jail records, Dalton is still in custody. He has a hearing scheduled next week in the assault case.

Love During Lockup Haley Cole's new boyfriend Tyler

Haley’s new boyfriend

Haley wasted absolutely no time at all looking for love again after her split from Dalton! Roughly two weeks after Dalton’s arrest, Haley posted a photo on Instagram with a new man named Tyler.

Haley and Tyler are still together, and things may have gotten very serious!

Is Haley Cole pregnant?

Haley talked about discontinuing birth control on the Where Are They Now? special, and there are some hints that she may currently be pregnant with her second child.

The first clue that Haley might be pregnant is the fact that she has recently referred to her new boyfriend as “baby daddy” multiple times on social media.

On an Instagram story posted on September 22, Haley referred to Tyler as “future baby daddy.” (Included at the top of this post.) On October 5, Haley shared another photo with Tyler and referred to him as just “baby daddy.”

A clip from the Where Are They Now? special in which Haley reveals how much she spent on Dalton was posted on Instagram, and Haley further hinted at having a baby on the way in a rather heated exchange with a woman that looks to be Tyler’s mother, Stacy.

After Haley wrote that the clip was “humiliating,” Stacy responded. “I know one thing you better not get knocked up by my kid,” she wrote. “You have alot to learn about him! I love him but he knows what I mean.”

“Wow, nice to meet you too!” Haley replied, adding a smiley face. “If I do I promise you, you won’t be raising it 😂,” she added.

Haley then typed a much longer response that mentions her unborn baby:

Please don’t make any references on my unborn baby!! You are a grown woman. My family would never treat Tyler this way we welcomed him with open arms! I was the victim, and that TV show does not justify me as a person or a mother!

So maybe before you start being harsh, you should get to know the person your son is dating and living with! Me, as a mother, I would never react this way to my sons girlfriend before giving her the benefit of the doubt that’s just common decency.

Haley regrets Love During Lockup?

After the Love After Lockup “Where Are They Now?” special with Haley aired, she apparently started receiving a lot of criticism online — I assume because she started dating Dalton again.

Haley posted a video in which she is obviously very emotional. F*** Dalton f*** that show f*** my past!” Haley wrote over top of the clip. “I’m moving on to bigger and better things!”

Here’s a transcript of what Haley had to say in the clip itself:

Y’all don’t know me and what I go through every day of my life. And, like, ever since that stupid ass f***ing Love During Lockup sh*t released, I’m just getting so much negativity.

I’m trying to stay away from it because, like, I can’t let it affect me because I know whatever random strangers are saying, they don’t know sh*t about my life.

And, like, I won’t let anybody disrespect me as a mother because I would do anything for my son. I love him to death. I love him more than myself.

So, please just remember, you don’t know what someone is going through. So, before you go and say harsh ass sh*t to someone, you should probably think about it. You’re being a sh*tty person because you don’t know what someone is going through deep down.

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