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LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Lacey’s fiance John arrested yet again, Shane gloats on Instagram

Love After Lockup cam girl Lacey is having a hard time deciding between her two convicted felon fiances John and Shane this season. But, as it turns out, her decision would have been made for her if she had just waited. According to jail records, John was arrested earlier today in Virginia for Driving While Intoxicated — his second arrest since his release featured on the show.

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Matt Frasier arrested for heroin possession, stolen credit cards

Love After Lockup star Matt Frasier found himself behind bars yet again last week after he and his girlfriend allegedly stole a purse from a woman’s car and went on a $2,800 spending spree at Walmart, Target and Redbox. When police found the couple at a local Motel 6, they also found a “large amount of brown tar” that was determined to be heroin. Matt faces charges of heroin possession, identity theft, and possession of stolen property. It’s unknown how the arrest will affect his trial for possession of a stolen vehicle scheduled for next week.