LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Redd’s mom Esther is convicted sex offender

Love After Lockup Redd's mom Esther Noldon is a registered sexual offender

The mother of Love After Lockup Season 8 convict Redd Noldon has a criminal history too, but her convictions are far more startling.

Esther Noldon is on the Missouri Sexual Offender Registry after being convicted of three separate charges. The charges are all sexual abuse and they all involved a minor.

According to the Missouri Registry entry for Esther, the victims were girls ages 4, 6 and 7. The offense date listed for all three offenses is November 1, 1983.

Esther, who is currently 58 years old, was 18 at the time of the offenses. She was convicted of the 3 charges in November of 1984 and placed on the Registry as a “Tier Level 3” offender.

From the Missouri Registry website:

Tier III offenders have a life time registration requirement and shall report to the CLEO in person every 90-days. Tier III offenders are not eligible to file petition for removal from the sex offender registry, unless the requirement to register results from an adjudicated delinquent (juvenile) adjudication, after 25 years, and the clean record removal is met.

There doesn’t appear to be any information available about Esther’s convictions via the Missouri courts website. That might be because her convictions were almost 40 years ago.

After news of Esther’s presence on the SO Registry broke online, Redd Noldon went live on Tik Tok. There were numerous comments during the stream asking about his mother’s convictions, but Redd didn’t provide any specific information. He essentially said that convicts often look way worse on paper.

Here is a clip from Redd’s stream shared by @accordingtoamber1 on Instagram:

It appears the credit for breaking the news about Esther’s convictions and presence on the Registry goes to a commenter on one of According To Amber’s YouTube videos. The commenter lived near Esther and discovered the convictions with a simple Google search.

According To Amber shared a YouTube video about Esther Noldon on Sunday, as did Kiki and Kibbitz.

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