LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Season 8 cast photos and bios

Love After Lockup deaf cast member Chelsea

WE tv has just released a new preview trailer for Love After Lockup Season 8, as well as bios for all SEVEN COUPLES who will be featured!

The new season will premiere on Friday, September 15 at 9/8c. As a bonus to viewers, the network will be going back to the longer format with ten 90-minute episodes.

Love After Lockup follows seven new couples including five fan favorites from Love During Lockup as they discover more love, new doubts and encounter unforeseen obstacles in their relationships,” the network’s press release reads. “Our couples are as vulnerable and raw as ever sharing their emotional journey as they continue to find true love beyond prison walls.”

As stated, Love After Lockup will feature five couples from Love During Lockup, including two couples from Season 2 and three couples from the current season.

Here’s is the new preview trailer:

If you’re surprised certain Love During Lockup couples aren’t back, it’s important to remember that many of the inmates featured are still incarcerated. They can’t appear on Love AFTER Lockup until AFTER they’re released. (Usually. Yes, we’re looking at you, Lamondre Fluker.)

WE tv provided bios for all of the couples, as well as photos for all of the couples except one. We had to track down unofficial photos of new couple Joynomi and Redd. We will start with the familiar faces, and conclude with the two new couples.

* If WE tv’s method for breaking up the seasons for the various Lockup shows is confusing to you, you are not alone. Click here for our post detailing how they categorize the seasons, as well as an explanation for why Starcasm chooses to do it differently.

Love After Lockup Season 8 Cast

Love After Lockup Melissa Picariello and Louie Fojut
Melissa Picariello and Louie Fojut

Melissa and Louie were first introduced in Love During Lockup and met in high school and she’s pined over him for 20 years.

His overbearing mother, Donna, wants Louie to move into his old bedroom in Atlanta because she believes her watchful presence can thwart a downward spiral into addiction. Meanwhile, Melissa is determined to move her sweetheart to New Jersey.

Melissa’s family questions why a beautiful and successful woman would be in a relationship with someone who is incarcerated. His mother is not the only woman that Melissa fears as Louie is a huge flirt. After being locked up for a decade will this free bird make up for lost time?

Love After Lockup Chelsea Gilliam and Michael “Mikey” Harmon
Chelsea Gilliam and Michael “Mikey” Harmon

Chelsea found Mikey on an inmate pen pal Facebook group and their relationship blossomed, as we saw on the second season of Love During Lockup.

Mikey learned sign language to communicate with Chelsea endearing him to her and her family, except for her father. Will Chelsea’s past fractured love affairs keep her from getting close to the man who swears to love and protect her?

Love After Lockup Britney and Kerok
Britney and Kerok

Love During Lockup‘s Britney and Kerok met in prison while Kerok was transitioning.

Britney was released 9 months ago and has lived with Kerok’s family since her own family does not support her choices. Kerok’s mother and brothers have not seen him since he has transitioned. Will they be welcoming and supportive of Kerok’s choice?

Love After Lockup Raneka and Asonta
Raneka and Asonta

When we first met Raneka on Love During Lockup, she moved her daughters to Georgia to start a life with Asonta. However, suspicious calls from his Auntie and requests for a $3,000 bond for release at the 11th hour, pushes Raneka to hire a private detective to find out the truth. Will this love last?

Love After Lockup Andy and Brittney
Andy and Brittney

When Andy and Brittney’s love story began on Love During Lockup, Andy, an ex-cop, fell in love with Brittney, who was serving one year in prison. Andy made the decision to move five hours away from his family to be closer to Brittney.

With Andy’s support, Brittney hopes to rebuild relationships with her children. Will Brittney be able to rebuild her relationship with her children or will she have to choose?

Love After Lockup Sharae and Anthony
Sharae and Anthony (Schenectady, NY)

The born and raised New Yorker, Sharae, met Anthony when they were teenagers. The young love ended swiftly when Anthony cheated on Sharae.

The couple reconnected years later and planned a prison wedding, which was cancelled when Sharae found out Anthony was still married. Although heartbroken, Sharae decided to stay with Anthony and lied to her family, claiming they are currently married.

On top of hiding secrets from family members, Sharae will have to fight Anthony’s mom for his attention. Will the overbearing mom be too much… or will the ladies from Anthony’s past get the best of him?

Love After Lockup Joynomi and Redd
Joynomi and Redd (Farmington, NM)

Joynomi and Redd have been together for seven years, and they’ve never met in person. Their relationship has been marked by a series of trials and tribulations.

The couple took a devastating blow when Joynomi made the mistake of cheating on Redd, resulting in an unexpected pregnancy. Will the two be able to rebuild their trust and commit their lives to one another?

Meanwhile, Redd’s mother does not hold any ill will towards Joynomi and understands that a woman has needs. Although she has not met Joynomi in person, she will not hold back if she feels the two are not a match.

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