LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Quaylon arrested with drugs & another woman

Life After Lockup Quaylon arrest

Quaylon and Shavel are returning to WE tv for the new season of Life After Lockup premiering tonight at 9/8c.

As revealed in the preview trailer, the couple has reunited after Shavel’s apartment fire and is planning their wedding. However, their families DO NOT get along, and their issues may derail the wedding plans!

As it turns out, Quaylon and Shavel may not need any outside help derailing their wedding because Quaylon was arrested on his birthday… at a hotel with another woman!

Quaylon was arrested at a Motel 6 in Lewisville, Texas on November 16. He was charged with possession of marijuana (between 2 and 4 ounces) and possession of more than 4 grams MDMA (ecstasy/Molly).

According to Texas statutes, the marijuana possession charge is a misdemeanor. However, possession of 4-400 grams of a controlled substance from Penalty Group 2 (which is the classification of MDMA) is a second degree felony, punishable between two years to twenty years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.

Quaylon posted his $7,500 bond and was later released.

Shavel jinxes Quaylon with “Happy Birthday” post

Before we get into the details of Quaylon’s arrest, I want to set the stage with Shavel’s “Happy birthday” Instagram post for Quaylon, which turned out to be a HUGE jinx!

Here is the video posted by Shavel, followed by her punctuation-averse caption:

Happy Birthday @quaylon60 I’m Proud of all your accomplishments I can’t wait for the world too see all the great projects you got coming. This has been a long Journey for the both of us we been tested and made it thru the ups & down and not giving up.

I pray prosperity I pray more guidance from God I wish you nothing but the best genuinely all your hard work is notice including the silent ones to My Bestfriend to my Dawg to my headache to my sh*t talker Happy Birthday did I mention he has Never went back to Jail Turn up Keep growing and Remember Keep applying pressure and continue to keep talk to the Youth around the world too keep them grounded ♥️

Shavel also posted a video of a custom Hennessy bottle she had made in honor of Quaylon’s birthday. (The bottle will come up again during Quaylon’s arrest.)

Life After Lockup Quaylon's birthday Hennessy bottle

Quaylon Adams arrest details

According To Amber obtained a copy of Quaylon’s arrest report, which reveals that he was sharing a motel room with a woman who was not Shavel at the time he was arrested.

The woman called 911 after 10 PM. From the police report:

Dispatch advised Officer Ness a female caller stated the male she got a room with is now threatening to harm her and that the room was in the complainant’s name. Dispatch then advised the general manager of Motel 6 had called and advised the female subject came down and said the male she was with was threatening to hurt her. Dispatch advised Officer Ness the male subject was Quaylon Adams.

Two officers arrived on the scene just before 11 PM.

On arrival, Officer Ness observed the black male matching the description given by dispatch standing outside of the front entrance to Motel 6. The black male was wearing a red hat, white shirt and black pants.

Officer Ness made contact with the male who advised he was unaware of any disturbance and that only a verbal argument had occurred. He then stated that he was waiting on a Lyft to leave.

Officer Ness and Training Officer Zachary observed a bag sitting on the ground. Training Officer Zachary asked the male if the bag was his to which he then stated it was.

Two more officers arrived at the Motel 6 and the woman who made the 911 call was located in the motel lobby. The woman told the officers “she came over to the Motel 6 to meet the male subject because it was his birthday,” according to the report. “She then stated the male subject threatened her after they got into a verbal only argument.”

The motel manager informed the officers that he wanted the woman and Quaylon removed from the property. Police escorted the woman to her and Quaylon’s motel room to retrieve her belongings.

The woman “gave consent for officers to enter her hotel room, and at this time, officers observed green leafy substance residue on the desk.” The woman “stated the green leafy substance residue on the table belonged to Adams and that he had been doing drugs earlier.”

Unfortunately for the woman, she had multiple warrants out for her arrest from multiple counties. She was handcuffed and taken to jail on the outstanding Lewisville warrant. (It’s unclear what her outstanding charges were that resulted in the warrants.)

More drugs found in Quaylon’s possession

After officers smelled “the odor of marijuana coming from both Adams and his bag,” and after Quaylon allegedly told the officer “he had smoked weed earlier because it was his birthday,” a probable cause search was conducted on him and his bag.

“A small bag of a green leafy substance” was found in Quaylon’s right pants pocket, and another one was found in his left pocket.

A search of Quaylon’s bag turned up a “large plastic bag containing a green leafy substance,” “a small plastic baggie…containing multicolored pills,” and “a bottle of Hennessy…with a picture of Adams on it saying, ‘Happy Birthday.'” Yes, that is the blinged out bottle Shavel gave him!

An officer on the scene used a drug testing kit and all the green leafy substances tested positive for marijuana. The multicolored pills came back positive for MDMA.

The officer weighed all of the substances found. The pills weighed 4.9 grams without packaging, and the green leafy substance totaled 2.81 ounces.

Quaylon was handcuffed and booked into the Lewisville Jail. We have updated our Love After Lockup Season 4 Inmate Chart to reflect Quaylon’s arrest. His co-star Chanda is now the only inmate out of seven featured in Season 4 to not be arrested again.

Neither Quaylon nor Shavel have responded publicly to his most recent booking. It’s unclear if they were still in a romantic relationship at the time of his arrest.

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