LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Andy files for divorce from wife Mindy EXCLUSIVE

Love After Lockup Andy files for divorce from wife Mindy

Love During Lockup and Love After Lockup’s Andy continues to work towards his happily ever after with his felon bae, Brittney.

The 45-year-old former police officer has been doing background checks, chauffeuring future stepdaughters, and buying plenty of rose petals and stuffed animals. However, there is one thing Andy seems to have forgotten to take care of — getting divorced!

Andy mentions on the show that he has been married twice, but he failed to mention he was still married to his second wife, Mindy, while he was filming. “The first time I was married for 14 years,” Andy says, before revealing that youth and drugs contributed to the demise of that relationship.

“A few years passed by. I met my second wife,” Andy continues. “We kind of grew apart. That’s just kind of how it went.” Andy’s vague recap of his second marriage was a bit different than Mindy’s, but more on that in a minute.

According to Georgia court records, Andy finally filed for divorce from Mindy earlier this week. In the “Grounds For Divorce” section, Andy checked the box for “The marriage is irretrievably broken with no hope of reconciliation.”

There’s not much more information provided in the 6-page filing. Andy and Mindy were married on July 27, 2020 in Florida, and they separated on February 1, 2023. They share no children, and the only debt listed is $1,780 Andy owes on a Roadmaster — which I assume is an Indian motorcycle and not a Buick.

Two days after Andy filed the divorce paperwork, Mindy filed her answer — which was simply this signed, hand-written message:

I agree to the divorce papers that were served to me. I want to go back to my maiden name *****.

UPDATE – Andy and Mindy’s divorce was finalized on October 26, 2023. There was no alimony owed by either party.

Andy’s wife Mindy responds

On the same day that Mindy filed her response, she took to Facebook to share the good news with a bit of snark and humor. “THANK YOU LORD!! 🙌 😉,” she wrote. “As of today, I’ve shed 425 lbs 😁”

“So how did you do it?” one commenter asked.

“I lost 125 lbs and I divorced Andy 😏,” Mindy responded.

The rather hilarious divorce joke was not the first time Mindy has taken a jab at Andy on social media. Earlier this year, she commented on a preview clip for Andy’s season of Love During Lockup shared in a Facebook group. Below is her conversation, but be warned that there are potential SPOILERS:

MINDY: I’m married to the fat f*** in the pink shirt…he is a f***in loser…was seeing her and me at the same time…I hope y’all roast the f*** out of his stupid a**…

COMMENT: waittttt a minute lol

MINDY: definition of a Narcissist…was just at my house Wednesday telling me he loves me and he’s sorry…today he’s asking her to come back….he’s a habitual liar ….he thinks he’s more than what he is and he ain’t even a bag of chips he ain’t got a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out..he’s in debt big-time and changes jobs like underwear

MINDY: He also told me an about the show while it was filming….all the details he’s not supposed to tell…I only found out about her a few weeks ago….he is a sick f***!!! I sent her our messages and she left him…

Love After Lockup Andy's wife Mindy trashes him on Facebook

Unfortunately, the fact that Mindy didn’t know about the show probably means we won’t be seeing her on screen as a big secret reveal. Then again, she could have been referring only to Love During Lockup. She could have agreed since then to film for Love After Lockup. We can only hope, right?

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