LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Sharae’s fiancé Anthony arrested

Love After Lockup Anthony Redding arrested again 2023

Love After Lockup Season 8 convict Anthony Redding is back in jail in New York.

According to VINE, Sharae’s bae was booked into Schenectady County Jail on October 31. However, it looks like he was actually arrested the day before by Schenectady City Police.

Court records indicate Anthony is facing a charge of criminal possession of a controlled substance in the fifth degree. The drug is listed as cocaine hydrochloride.

From the New York statute Anthony allegedly violated:

A person is guilty of criminal possession of a controlled substance in
the fifth degree when he knowingly and unlawfully possesses…cocaine and said cocaine weighs five hundred milligrams or more.

In New York, criminal possession of a controlled substance in the fifth degree is a class D felony.

I believe the cocaine possession charge is new, and not a former charge re-activated by a parole violation. It’s revealed on the show that Anthony was serving a seven-year sentence for robbery.

The New York Department of Corrections website confirms that was Anthony’s most recent conviction. He was released on parole in July of this year.

The NYDOC indicates Anthony is currently in custody for a parole violation stemming from the burglary conviction. I assume his cocaine possession charge triggered the violation automatically.

Anthony was arraigned on October 31. He entered a not guilty plea and was remanded without bail. His next scheduled court date is a preliminary hearing on December 1.

According To Amber was the first to report on Anthony’s arrest.

Sharae quiet about Anthony’s arrest

Sharae is loving the spotlight from being on Love After Lockup, and she has been all over social media since Anthony’s booking last week. She even participated in a 50-minute live stream with Kiki and Kibbitz on November 4. However, Sharae hasn’t mentioned Anthony’s new arrest at all.

On November 3, Sharae posted a photo with Anthony on Instagram in which she is proudly showing off her engagement ring. Here’s the photo and her lengthy caption:

Where do I start???? I’ve known this man since I was 14 years old and the feeling I had back than is the same feeling that I have 20 years later. We’ve been through alot, however we never folded.

Our relationship is not perfect and some people may question why we fight so hard for one another. Truth be told, Anthony is my Bestfriend. I peep the slick comments that ppl make but idgaf.

This man has done ALOT for me and my son and I appreciate him so much. Even during our bad times he never stopped loving me.

You stepped out of your comfort zone to be on national tv and I applaud you for that. This was the 2nd ring that you’ve gotten me and I absolutely love it.

Not all men come home to money, let me say that. Anthony could have done anything with his money but he did what any real man would do, and that’s put a smile on his fiancé face.

We may fight and argue about lil stuff but I want you to know that my loyalty runs deep. Thank you for loving me!

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Anthony’s prior cocaine possession arrests

Anthony Redding’s most recent conviction and prison sentence was for felony burglary. However, he does have a criminal history tied to cocaine possession.

Anthony pleaded guilty to felony charges of cocaine possession and conspiracy to distribute the drug in 2005 when he was just 16 years old.

From The Rutland Herald:

He was sentenced to two to five years in jail, all suspended on probation. He was also given credit for time he has spent in jail for lack of bail since his arrest in May. The terms of Redding’s probation included that he be released from jail Monday to take part in a residential drug treatment program in New York.

Anthony was reportedly caught after someone selling crack cocaine for him became an informant. Anthony was placed under surveillance and was later arrested after being observed in a city parking lot for three hours.

“Officers said a search of Redding revealed several pieces of crack cocaine hidden in his shoe. The crack cocaine weighed about 9.5 grams, including packaging, court records stated.”

Anthony’s attorney attempted to have his client’s case tried in juvenile court, but was unsuccessful. Prosecutors stated the fact that Anthony was so young was a major reason he was allowed to take a plea deal that resulted in no additional jail time. Initially.

Anthony was detained for violating his probation less than two years later when he failed to report an arrest to his parole officer.

From The Rutland Herald:

He was ordered to serve 10 months in jail, with credit for roughly four months he already has spent behind bars. Judge Nancy Corsones told Redding that it was upsetting to see him back in court. ‘Disappointing is to put it mildly,’ the judge said. ‘You’re still a young man. You are still able to pull it together. I hope that the jail sentence isn’t so onerous that it sinks you.’

Given Anthony’s current situation, it appears he and Sharae could be the first couple ever to appear on Love After Lockup and then on Love During Lockup, instead of the other way around. Stay tuned!

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