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THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPFormer star Matt Brown is going in heavy on the Alaskan Bush People gossip! According to Matt, not only was “everything” on the show a lie, but Alaskan Bush People‘s producers used to load his parents up on drugs and turn the cameras on. Matt then blamed producers for getting him hooked on drugs a few years down the line. Oh — and Matt further claimed all the money the entire family earned while starring on the show went straight to his father, Billy Brown. (Sound familiar?)

JEZEBELIn news that’s actually even more bonkers, here’s a helpful explainer for one Joel Greenberg, the former Seminole County FL tax collector who’s been charged with 33 crimes including sex trafficking. Greenberg, in case you’ve been too repulsed to notice his name, was BFFs with Congressman Matt Gaetz, and is about to turn state’s evidence and (hopefully) ruin Gaetz’s life. Get your grimace ready

THE BLASTDr. Dre’s divorce from Nicole Young is about to get a who-o-ole lot messier. The judge granted Young lawyer’s request to depose three of Dre’s alleged mistresses

REALITY TEAThe hits just keep coming: Bravo dropped the RHOBH Season 11 trailer yesterday, and it looks like this might be the “redemption season” everyone’s been hoping for after years of sleepy storylines. (And just to be completely clear, by “redemption season” I mean “season full of crazy shit”)

THE HOLLYWOOD GOSSIPWell of course Kim Kardashian is ready to hit the dating scene as a (near) divorcée and newly minted billionaire. The last time Kim was on the market, she was with dudes like Ray J and Kris Humphries. And no offense to them, but I think we’re all eager to see what kind of man Kim goes for now

VOX“The US is nearing a tipping point of sorts on marijuana legalization: Almost half the country — about 43 percent of the population — now lives in a state where marijuana is legal to consume just for fun.” (My condolences if, like me, you’re in the Deep South and see no chance of legalization anytime soon)

LAINEY GOSSIPI keep forgetting that Leslie Odom Jr. is up for a ton of awards this year for his portrayal of Sam Cooke in One Night In Miami. That is absolutely a casting decision made in heaven and I blame pandemic brain for not having seen this movie yet

GO FUG YOURSELFThis is your weekly Viola Davis Awards Season Check-In: Viola Davis still looks amazing and is still killing it

DLISTEDAllow me to be the 90 millionth person to express surprise that Maculay Culkin and his girlfriend Brenda Song have both a) been expecting a baby and b) welcomed that baby into the world

CELEBITCHYThanks to climate change, every allergy season is a little worse than the last. But this year it’s actually way worse than it’s ever been — so here’s some tips for how to deal

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