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THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPKail Lowry will need to find another source of income to pay for her yearly dream house and frivolous lawsuits because she says she will not be part of MTV’s new Teen Mom combo show! In case you missed it, The Ashley previously revealed that producers are most likely planning to combine Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 into a single show. As a result, some of the ten current moms will not be back. What do you think the title of Kail’s new reality show should be? My two suggestions are Her Go Kail Come and Kailing Me Softly.
DLISTED — The “what goes around” that built the career of Dance Moms matriarch Abby Lee Miller continues to come around. The 56-year-old former reality star recently sat down with Entertainment Tonight and expressed her anger that nobody associated with the show reached out to her while she was serving her 8-month prison sentence for fraud.

“Shame on you. Shame on you after what I did for you, for your children — helped make you a lot of money. You couldn’t come to visit me for eight and a half months? You couldn’t send a card, a letter?” Miller asked of the Dance Moms families she worked with over the years.

REALITEASQUAD — “We are 2 episodes into season 9 of 90 Day Fiancé and Kara cannot stop talking about how young Guillermo is and how she is a cougar and sugar mama. Guillermo doesn’t like that she is doing this. How will this affect their relationship when Guillermo is no longer around his friends and family?” [VIDEO IN THE POST!]
REALITY TEATell the people of New York City to be prepared for a white woman jogging in the middle of the street because Kelly Bensimon is reportedly making her case to return to Bravo! Last month it was revealed that The Real Housewives of New York City will be getting a cast overhaul, but the network also revealed their plans to launch a legacy spin-off comprised of current and former Big Apple housewives. Kelly, who has since gone on to become a successful real estate agent, has reportedly thrown her hat into the ring by revealing she would come back. She also satted that she would like her co-star Alex McCord to come back with her!
CELEBITCHYJason Sudeikis was less Ted Lasso and more Led Tasso as he served his ex Olivia Wilde with custody documents WHILE OLIVIA WAS ON STAGE GIVING A PRESENTATION AT CINEMACON! However, Jason’s rep insists that the actor and comedian “had no prior knowledge” of the petty serve plans.
TAMRA TATTLES — Get all caught up on Racapalooza courtesy of T-Tat! Recaps include Survivor 42 “Game Of Chicken,” RHOC Reunion Part 2, RHONJ “Showdown In Smashville,” Summer House “Keep Prom And Carry On,” Below Deck Sailing Yacht “Villa Today, Gone Tomorrow,” Married at First Sight Boston “Past Lives, Open Minds” and Top Chef “It’s Time For Restaurant Wars!”
xoNECOLESeason 5 of the popular Netflix real estate reality series Selling Sunset introduced viewers to Chelsea Lazkani, a 29-year-old British-Nigerian who “quickly became a fan favorite due to her captivating fashions and bubbly personality.” However, Chelsea has a very noble goal that she hopes to achieve by appearing on the show, and that is opening the doors for other black women “get into living their best life. It’s not just in real estate, it’s in anything they choose to do.”
THE BLASTHow much is Blac Chyna suing the Kardashians for? New legal documents reveal that Rob Kardashian’s ex is asking for $36 MILLION in damages for “pain and suffering!” The Blast has a breakdown of the final figure, which assumes that Blac Chyna would have continued to appear on a reality show up until now. “Ms. White has still not explained how she would testify to the fact — without simply guessing — that she would have appeared on TV shows at a rate of ‘1 to 2 seasons per year’ for over 15 straight years,” the Kardashians’ attorney argued.
THE GRACE REPORT — “Briana Dejesus went in on her baby daddy Louis’ parents in last week’s episode of Teen Mom 2!” [VIDEO IN THE POST!]

Teen Mom 2 ratings drop to record low – again

The ratings woes continue for MTV’s Teen Mom franchise. Teen Mom OG finished out its most recent season averaging under 500,000 viewers, and Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant managed to break 400,000 just twice during its latest run. Teen Mom 2 is in a similarly sinking ship as the current season has seen multiple record lows for viewers.

Kailyn Lowry’s lawsuit against Briana DeJesus tossed, Kail may have to pay Briana’s legal fees

The defamation lawsuit filed by Kailyn Lowry against her Teen Mom 2 co-star Briana DeJesus (Soto) tossed after being deemed without merit. According to the Florida anti-SLAPP statutes, Briana is is entitled to recover attorney’s fees and costs — which are going to be HUGE given that she hired high powered attorney Marc Randazza! Keep reading for all the details from the judge’s ruling earlier today!

TEEN MOM 2 Briana and Kail lawsuit update: sex history part of depositions

The pettiness continues in the defamation lawsuit filed by Teen Mom 2‘s Kailyn Lowry against her co-star Briana DeJesus.

Both of the women were recently deposed in the case, with Kail going first. When asked personal questions, Kail’s attorney asked that the responses remain confidential. Briana’s attorney did not object. When Briana was deposed a few weeks later, her attorney made the same request in regards to her “sexual relationship with a third party.” Kail’s attorney insisted that the responses remain public! Needless to say, Briana’s attorney WAS NOT HAPPY!

TEEN MOM 2 Kail and Briana lawsuit recap and timeline

The defamation lawsuit filed by Kailyn Lowry against Briana DeJesus is gaining a lot of attention, and may actually have more drama (and people tuning in) than Teen Mom 2 at this point. Unfortunately, many of our readers haven’t been watching the whole “season.” So, I’ve put together a bullet point recap and timeline of all the #KailVBriana lawsuit developments so far!

TEEN MOM 2 Briana DeJesus denies Chris Lopez hook up, says Kail has something ‘coming her way’ this week

Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus is denying that she hooked up with another of her co-star Kail Lowry’s exes. Despite Chris Lopez revealing in a recent court filing that he spent three days with Briana in Miami in April, Briana strongly hints that their interactions were not sexual. She also says of Kail that “something is coming her way in a few days.”

TEEN MOM 2 Chris Lopez backs Briana DeJesus in Kail Lowry lawsuit filing

We have a big update in the defamation lawsuit filed by Kail Lowry against her Teen Mom 2 co-star Briana DeJesus. Kail’s ex Chris Lopez has signed an affidavit stating that he was the one who told Briana that Kail broke into his mother’s house and hit him. Chris says that he spent three days with Briana in Miami back in April, and that’s when he shared the details about Kail’s alleged assault with her.

Kail Lowry dating someone she doesn’t want filmed, confirms Chris Lopez will be on Teen Mom 2?

The attorney for Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry filed a 95-page response today in her defamation lawsuit against Briana DeJesus. We did a full recap of the filing, including Kail’s lengthy affidavit and text messages with Chris Lopez and his mother, but there were a couple things in the filing of particular interest to Teen Mom 2 fans that I wanted to highlight in a separate post. Kail says the real reason she was left out of the June 8 episode was because she didn’t want MTV to film who she was dating, and she also seems to confirm that Chris Lopez has agreed to film for Teen Mom 2!

Kail Lowry responds to Briana DeJesus motion in defamation lawsuit FULL RECAP

We have a brand new 95-page filing in Kailyn Lowry’s defamation lawsuit against her Teen Mom 2 co-star, Briana DeJesus. Keep reading for a VERY extensive recap of Kail’s lawyer arguing the merits of the case. Includes a lengthy affidavit by Kail herself complete with screen capped text messages with Chris Lopez and his mother!