LINKS Vicki Gunvalson’s Covid, Texas abortion law, The Other Two returns…

Vicki Gunvalson's Covid 2

REALITY TEAVicki Gunvalson is once again putting her ass on display. Sources close to Vicki say the (famously) unvaccinated former RHOC star has Covid — but Vicki Gunvalson’s Covid is apparently nothing more than “an unknown cold” (according to a “creaky-voiced” Vicki herself)

CELEBITCHYThe Supreme Court declined to hear a challenge to Texas’ new law banning abortions after a pregnancy’s sixth week. Texan women are now forbidden to get an abortion after the time most of them would have found out they were pregnant in the first place

THE GISTI watched The Other Two‘s pilot episode and thought it was pretty good. Then Covid happened and I completely forgot about it; the show’s production was shut down, as well. So it’s been two years going on a million years since the show aired, but the second season is airing now and it’s hilarious

LAINEY GOSSIPSpeaking of interminable delays, the new James Bond movie is finally scheduled to come out on October 8th in the US. Thanks to Covid and other production issues, it’s had its release delayed — and I had to double-check this because it’s such an absurd figure — five different times. Given that + the general decaying orbit of the Bond franchise I am going to refer to this movie as Die Already

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUP“Whitney Way Thore is still keeping the identity of her French boyfriend under wraps (at his request), but she assures fans it’s not because her man is embarrassed of her”

GO FUG YOURSELF“There have been a lot of deliberately misleading headlines screeching that Nicole Ari Parker is “replacing” Samantha or Kim Cattrall, which isn’t fair to her because a) it immediately forces a comparison between her and an iconic TV character with years of history, and b) she isn’t a recast, and c) it’s uncool to frame her as any kind of replacement or player coming up off the bench, as if she would not deserve to be there in her own right”

DLISTEDApparently Zoë Kravitz and Channing Tatum are now an official couple, and the anonymous sources describing their feelings for each other are pretty giggle-worthy

JEZEBELAward-winning and really good writer Lauren Groff has a basketful of story recommendations for wiling away the last days of summer. (Pretty sure they’ll also help distract you from the endless garbage cookout that is the world in 2021, should you need such a distraction)

THE BLASTI’m shocked, shocked to discover that Kanye may have cheated on Kim at any point in their marriage

THE HOLLYWOOD GOSSIPThough in Kanye’s defense, maybe he thought he was with Kim but was actually with Jersey Shore star and increasingly likely Kim Kardashian stand-in Angelina Pivarnick

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