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BELOW DECK MED: Did Chef Ben hook up with Hannah or Tiffany?

Below Deck chef Ben Robinson is most known for his iconic laugh and his delicious-looking food, but he’s also earned a bit of a reputation for hooking up with his colleagues (like many Below Deck alums.) On the original Below Deck, Ben had a friends-with-benefits relationship with stew Kat Held, and also had a between seasons romance with Chief Stew Kate Chastain. When Ben helped kick off Below Deck: Mediterranean, he engaged in flirtations with Hannah and Tiffany Copeland. Did he ever hook up or date Hannah or Tiffany?


BELOW DECK Caroline Bedol says Kate Chastain is an alcoholic, drags in Chrissy Teigen during 20-hour Twitter meltdown

In a 20-hour Twitter meltdown, former Below Deck star Caroline Bedol claims that chief stew Kate Chastain and second stew Josiah Carter were psychologically abusive to her, and she confirms a report that the two screamed: "You disgusting sl*t. You are f**king wh*re! We hate you. Everyone here hates you DISEASED SL*T” through the door while she was locked in her cabin. She also says Kate is an alcoholic before hurling more allegations at the chief stew, other cast members, show producers, and even Andy Cohen! Oh, and Chrissy Teigen somehow manages to get caught up in all of it!

BELOW DECK Primary calls Kate Chastain ‘cranky, depressed and possibly bi-polar’ and criticizes Bravo editing

On the most recent episodes of Below Deck, viewers have seen primary Charles Michael Yim and his pals seemingly missing out on the amazing world around them as they obsess over capturing every second perfectly for Instagram. (Actually, Charles and his girlfriend weren't sharing EVERYTHING on Instagram, as evidenced by their alleged crow's nest sex session and the used condom left on his nightstand.) After his first episode aired, Charles took to his much-beloved Instagram to call out Bravo producers for their heavy-handed editing, and to throw Kate Chastain under the boat!

BELOW DECK Kate Chastain addresses arrest, says girlfriend Ro’s account is ‘completely fictitious’

It’s been almost two months since Below Deck Chief Stew Kate Chastain was arrested for allegedly choking and biting her girlfriend, Rocio “Ro” Hernandez, at their home in Florida. The normally outspoken Kate has been unusually quiet about the attack, but her attorney issued a statement yesterday which states that what Ro told police is “completely fictitious” and that Kate “will be completely vindicated” when the facts come out. Keep reading for the full statement that also claims Ro has “a history of violent behavior.”

UPDATE Below Deck’s Kate Chastain formally charged with strangling girlfriend Ro Hernandez

The Florida State Attorney's Office has filed formal charges against Below Deck star Kate Chastain after she was arrested in June for allegedly biting and strangling her girlfriend Rocio "Ro" Hernandez. Find out the exact charges filed against Kate and her next scheduled court appearance. Plus, watch the Below Deck Season 4 trailer, which looks to prominently feature Kate and Ro's relationship prior to the incident.

MUG SHOTS Below Deck’s Kate Chastain arrested for domestic battery by strangulation of girlfriend Ro

Below Deck Chief Stew Kate Chastain is no stranger to warm waters, but the reality star now looks to be in some seriously hot water after she was arrested Monday and charged with felony domestic violence after allegedly strangling her girlfriend, Ro Hernandez! Keep reading for details on Kate’s arrest, plus her statement as well as the very different reactions from her co-star Captain Lee Rosbach and Rocky Dakota.